Monthly Bucket List; September.


You could probably call this a 'to-do list' or a 'wish list', but if I say to-do, they undoubtedly wouldn't get done and wish-lists are for my shopping needs. 
I was considering a start of the month post, and to most people September is an important month when it comes to their education, why not start it with a positive attitude and think up the things I'd want to get done & hopefully by the end of the month, I can look back & cross everything off. (wishful thinking, huh?) 

So here it goes, Septembers bucket list: 

 Read at least one book 'for fun' before University reading takes over. 

 Start my final year of University positive and start my work early!

 Go to and enjoy my final freshers events. 

 Become more involved when chatting and getting to know other bloggers. 

 Start letting friends & family know about my blog. 

 Hold off on spending all my money, (after one last spree before University starts, of course)! 

 Continue saving my pennies for my Canon 600D

So I'm thinking of making this a monthly series, if you think it'll be a good idea please let me know? 
If it gets a good response I'll probably do an end of the month recap, but only if that doesn't seem too boring of a read. *experimenting with posts, woo go me!* 

Also I know plenty of bloggers are starting College & University this month, how're feeling about it? and if you're already there, are you excited to go back? 


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  2. I finished uni and few years ago (I feel old!), but most of the non-uni related entries are firmly on my bucket list too! I've just made a facebook page for my blog but haven't actually shared it on my own facebook yet!
    Becca xx
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  3. This is so cute.
    I've followed xxx


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