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It's been a while since I've blogged and that's due to being extremely lazy, but this week I'm expecting my student finance and to all students you know that first week of payment always results in a little bit of shopping, so why not search the web while I'm waiting. On eBay you can always find deals and discounted clothes but still great quality and sometimes I even find items I'd struggle to find it store. 
Also being as it's that time of year to layer up, snuggle up and try and look at cute as possible I thought it was about time I started my shopping to prepare myself for the season. 
I'm always obsessed with browns, blacks, greens and reds over the colder seasons it just feels more wintery when wearing these colours, I'm sure someone feels the same, right? 
I'm really interested in finding myself some new ankle boots, particularly the three in this post (just because I've instantly fallen in love) and I've been searching for a batwing cardigan for almost a year now & I don't know when I didn't look on eBay first because theres so many available and at such good prices! I also know cape coats were much more popular last a/w but after seeing so many posts and instagram photos of people wearing them I'm thinking that a coat like this is something I may want to invest in for this winter season...plus they're super cute! 

What trends and clothing items are you craving this autumn/winter season? 

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