Poor little me has been having trouble with my eyesight, but don't you worry, every year I get the same news...my prescription has changed yet again. As sad it seems that my eye sight is getting worse, it's actually fun to end a 2 hour visit at the opticians, (which includes eye test & contact lens check) with the chance to browse for a new pair of specs.
This time round I wanted wider frames and alas I bit the bullet and chose a pair of Raybans. Lucky for me being with Boots and having my contact lenses [sent through the post] I get half price on all my eye care. So £200 Wayfarer Raybans were now prices at £100 and after recently getting student finance, a girl can't say no, right?

I have nothing much else to say, except I LOVE THEM!?! 
I realise I look like a typical teenager trying to pull of the fake geek glasses look, but they're not fake and I'm no longer a teen (just not everyone realises that) 
I either look like a geek glasses teenager or a indie rocker with my glasses & nose ring...oops? 

(these were an early morning attempt at getting photos to upload on my blog & show my friends, so photogenic sarah!?) 

What's everyone think? Do you like them? 
I hope everyone's doing well, I'm very concentrated on my uni work right now, after only a week I feel my blog is lacking. But lots of posts planned...now to find the time to write. 

...also, also, should I get myself a blog twitter?! I set one up a few months ago but freaked out and panicked over letting everyone know & meaning I have to let everyone know I blog...scary stuff!? but maybe I'm ready this time round? 


  1. I love them! They are so pretty on you, they really suit you!


    1. Thankyou so much, I used to spend as much time as possible in my contact lenses...now I've not worn a pair since getting these glasses...I love them so much!?

      -sarah xo


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