I hate being sick!?

So just a few hours ago I was considering how I can make my blog more lifestyle related, and right now all I can talk about is how many hours I'm spending in the library and in lecture or how ill I've been lately and it's making me miserable. So today, that's exactly what I'm going to do, I'm going to tell you all how crappy I'm feeling and my idea of the perfect way to make myself feel better, that's got to be a good read, right? 

I may only have a cold, but every night I go to bed thinking I'm a tad better to wake up so much worse! Boohoo, feel sorry for me people? I've taken so much medication, got myself some Disney tissues and been drinking water all week, being as that's not working. It's time I final get myself a sick day. 
Today that's what I'm going to do, stay in my pjs and watch so much television for as long as I can handle, and sit here hoping that someone comes round with lots of comfort food, hint hint tom!? 

The perfect sick day involves, pajamas, duvet and staying on the sofa all day with cuddles from my dog. I plan on catching up on hollyoaks, neighbours and catfish. I'm going to get myself a selection of Disney DVDs and hope that Tom will sit and watch them with me, and bring me chocolate, pleaseeee. 

What a boring post, I loose all vocab when ill and all sense of what I want to talk about. However, how many of you do the exact same as me and feel they can't exactly have lazy day's anymore?



  1. I can TOTALLY sympathise. I have had a cold for 4 weeks, because I kept trying to keep going when I needed to rest. Sleep is key!! I love your blog by the way, it's so cute.

    Ellie | mantrapixe | x

    1. I hope you're feeling better!?
      I've not stopped for the past week really, so today has been my sleep day & hopefully it's helped!
      Thank you so much.

      -sarah xo


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