Instagram Update; Week #24


This post has been sat in my drafts for a while now; lack of inspiration to explain what I've been up to. But tonight I planned to sit down and start writing up my dissertation proposal form, and as always I'm procrastinating with different blog ideas and online shopping, bad sarah!?! 
 It's practically been a month since I last posted my instagram, so I'm considering a different ways of posting my updates as they're never regular as I'd hoped. Going back to this time last month, we were in the process of moving my granddad from his home to his new flat. This involved saying our goodbyes to lots of memories; good and bad that happened in this house and finding sooo many old photos & finding this adorable one, (one of my favourite memories with my granddad & step-nan). This was just before going back to university as well so I spent as much time as possible in my pj's and lounging in my room with my pretty fairy lights. 
 The last three years I've hardly attended my freshers; but every year I make sure I go to the final (and best) event. This year included drinking too many vodkas & skittle-bombs in front of my boyfriends cousin and her friend. The following weekend I spent watching as many episodes of Pretty Little Liars as possible (it's a week til the next episode, im sooo excited) while making uni notes and pigging out. I also looked back at old photos and realised how much I miss my family in Ireland and can't wait for the next chance to visit them. 
Then last week; me and Tom went shopping and he treated me to a new pandora charm and topshop initial bracelet. He's cute sometimes and I love my little presents. Look how adorable my dog is, he's a camera shy dog and it's hilarious getting photos of him...he wasn't aware I took this photo and he was sooooo cute! And then finally on saturday I got my new Rayban glasses which I blogged about here. 

...and that was abit of a ramble, but guys that is my exciting life!? 
Questions though; should I keep a layout like this with my update posts? And should I just make them monthly because I'm a bad update blogger and always forget to post these. 


  1. Your dog is such a cutie! Loving your Topshop initial bracelet. Raspberrykiss xo

    1. Thank you so much! The dog is like my baby hehe

      - Sarah xo


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