Monthly Bucket List; October


Last month I decided that creating a monthly bucket list would be a way of kicking myself into gear and getting lots of things done, and hopefully you would all enjoy reading. So last month my list involved these: 

 Read at least one book 'for fun' before University reading takes over. 

 Start my final year of University positive and start my work early!

 Go to and enjoy my final freshers events. 

 Become more involved when chatting and getting to know other bloggers. 

 Start letting friends & family know about my blog. 

 Hold off on spending all my money, (after one last spree before University starts, of course)! 

 Continue saving my pennies for my Canon 600D

So I didn't get round to doing everything on my list and some were only half completed, but I tried and that's better than nothing, right? I guess it's nice to look back and realise the things I have tried to do within the month and be glad I tried to do it. 

So here it goes, Octobers bucket list:  

Continue saving my pennies for my Canon 600D 

 Carry on being positive and getting uni work done 

♡ Write more posts...possibly advice and more conversational posts 

♡ Only spend my money on essentials; like food and more clothes for a while 

♡ Join in on more blog chats on twitter 

It all seems a little boring this month, but I feel very disconnected from the blogging world and want to throw myself back into regular posts and being more involved with other bloggers. Because of this I'm very welcoming towards comments on post ideas and thoughts, also follow me on twitter and let me know yours too as I can talk to you more...also a cheeky follow on bloglovin' would be great too. 


  1. What a lovely idea to focus on being so positive :) x

    1. I just hope it continues to work...and so does this positivity!!
      -sarah xo

  2. This is such a wonderful idea! I might just have to try it out myself! x

    1. Thank you! Definitely, I'd love to give it a read :)
      -sarah xo


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