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I've always heard great things and wanted to get my hands on soap & glory products, every year they become part of the boots gift set range at christmas and every year I miss out on the chance on getting to try some.
Because of this, I decided it was about time I purchased some...Although I only bought the tiny sample products each at £2.50 and in the 3 for 2 offer at Boots. 

As well as being a reasonable price and giving me the chance to try them out before buying the bigger version, they are in such a handy size that they fit in my bag or my make-up bag without being too bulky...success!? I've used each product for about two weeks now and now I'm ready to tell you all how I'm feeling about them!? 

♡ Hand Food (50ml) - £2.50; 
I think I prefer and will continue to buy hand food in the small sample, as this fits perfectly into my university bag and I can quickly give my hands some refreshing during my long hours in lectures or in the library. Also it smells beautiful, a sweet coconut smell, maybe? I just love topping myself up with this smell, because ahh it's soooo nice!? 

♡ Clean on me (75ml) - £2.50; 
I've been using this during my showers and been hiding it from everyone, just incase the family find it and think they can use it! I think all these products smell pretty similar and you all know now how much I love the smell, plus it leaves me feeling so much cleaner. However I think I'll be buying the bigger bottle next time; as I'll probably get my moneys worth out of the big bottle!

♡ The Righteous Butter (50ml) - £2.50;
For the last few years (when I remember) I cover my body with Cocoa butter after my shower so I thought I'd try a similar smelling product and this works wonders. I fortunately have naturally soft skin, but covering myself with this gives my skin that extra boost and yeah the smell, again I can't say much else. 

I've completely fallen in love with each of these products and hope to buy more in the next coming months; hello christmas and birthday list!? I don't tend to search for bath products as I usually get given a years supply as presents, but I feel that I made the right decision with these two weeks ago. 

Now y'all know how much I love these products and the smell, have you used any others you would suggest I give a try?   


  1. Hey! I am the exact same with the shower gel...I hide it from everyone in my house so they can't use it! Haha! Love this post x

    1. Least I know I'm not alone hehe. Thank you so much!

      - Sarah xo

  2. I love the hand food, I use it all the time, best one I've had! :)

    1. it's great isn't it! I'm so glad I got the small bottle, fits perfectly to take in my bag!

      -sarah xo

  3. I love soap & glory. I've been needing a new hand lotion for a while and think I'll also get the sample size. Any bigger will just take up precious bag space.



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