weekly wish-list #1


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This is probably my most random & mixed up wish-list. But I was thinking the other day how I'm always on the want, whether it's something I've seen on a blog, online or in store I usually want to buy one thing. So I thought 'i'm going to start blogging about it' each week or so and I'll be doing a post on the things I've been craving this week (knowing I can't buy them), this could either help or hinder my spending problem but we'll see!
Sadly I doubt I'll be buying most things on this list as they're either too expensive or I know aren't worth buying. Like the topshop vest, I've fallen in love with the design and how it fits onto others I've seen, however I know they wont fit me as they don't have adjustable straps and because I'm not the size of a model & I'm pretty tiny in the chest area there's nothing to hold it up and I don't fancy flashing my bra every two seconds! Also the 'So So Happy' hoodie, is the iJustine limited edition jacket, which I find super cute...maybe not the ultimate fashion statement but so so cute to wear on lazy days and around the house, and also the reason behind the company is adorable (which you can read, here)

Nothing here is a must-have or a need but everything is very cute and will probably be purchased at some point; especially the pandora charms, mickey mouse mug (handle-less which is soooo cool) and the rose garland, I've recently bought fairy lights and I need to jazz them up...luckily I've had student finance a few weeks ago, so I can just about afford to treat myself to one or two things, maybe!?


  1. I absolutely love the photo frame and the mickey mouse mug!!

    Rebecca Coco

    1. me too! definitely considering buying the mug the next time I go shopping!

      -sarah xo

  2. Omg, what a cute wish list! especially that hoodie... must-get-one! haha

    Btw, your banner is so pretty :)

    Beauty from the Fjord xxx

    1. thankyou! I know right, that really would keep me smiling & honestly for such a good cause!
      oh thank you so much! I'm constantly changing it...oops

      - sarah xo


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