Instagram Update; Week #25


Ahh an update on my life, I bet you've been waiting for this? It's been 2/3weeks again, I'm sorry! I have lots to catch you up on, as I've been doing lots of things these past few weeks, as well of course feeling sorry for myself when being ill.

The past week has involved me feeling very sorry for myself, I've spent as much time as possible in bed getting as much rest as possible and watching Disney films like the new Little Mermaid box set, with the quick trip to Starbucks with my very own chummy Charlotte. We spent an hour chatting in Starbucks (and guys Hazelnut hot chocolate, is now my favourite) before heading back to mine with popcorn to watch Ramona & Beezus...We've not fully grown up yet, but thats okay!
 Two weekends ago (while I was healthy), I spent a lot of this weekend looking at photos. I was given a disney princess photo album when I was about 12 and up until 6 months ago I'd hardly attempted to fill it up. So I spent my sunday afternoon filling it up with photo from the last few years & finding others to fill it with. It's great looking back at how much things have changed over the years. I've also got a blank scrap book, I've started to fill this up with my Instagram photos which is another nice way of keeping my memories. I also spent Saturday afternoon with my dad at a Rugby game, helping do the photography with him, I took some lovely and some terrible shots & I've yet to edit them and upload them, oops. I've also been considering new hair styles and colours for the last couple of weeks, looking at all my old hair styles and colours that I've had over the years, so opinions would be welcomed?
I also got to spend my Topshop vouchers which I got from Milkbubbletea's giveaway last month (post coming soon). And as a family we spent one sunday monday morning making a nice big breakfast,  a few days after a night out with Charlotte which involved a little too many vodkas resulting in us both having terrible hangover's for a saturday morning dance lesson, ouch!

What a terrible update ey? I've sat at my computer all afternoon trying to write this, illness always causes writers block, doh!? Hope you've enjoyed your weekend everyone. 

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