Life Lately: November


Since starting my blog I've done weekly updates through my Instagram posts and for the last couple of months I've been terrible at posting on Instagram and writing and posting about it. So to fix the problem, I've decided to make it monthly and catch you up on the crazy things I've done that month.

So for the last four weeks, I haven't exactly done too many things that are exciting, but heck I'm sure you want to hear about them anyway, don't you?!

To start the month off a few friends from University invited me to watch a firework display which was disney themed... I mean how exciting is that!! We were in our element, wrapped up warm, eating donuts covered in chocolate and sing along (badly) to so many of our disney favourites.

I also had my hair cut this month, which may or not have had an appearance on my blog until now, but until I get a new face is hidden! After over a year of trying to grown my hair out, it was time to give up, freshen it up and get myself to the hairdressers. Taking a Zooey Deschannel photo with me, I managed to get the perfect full fringe (past hair cutes haven't worked out this well) and 3 weeks later I'm still styling it as a full fringe, so yayy!

Within the many hours in the library, I managed to catch up with my friends, including an old friend from college as we tried the new festive hot drinks from Costa. Although Beth loved her hot chocolate, I on the other hand wasn't a fan of the white hot chocolate, no sir! But it was great catching up and remembering all the crazy memories and things we have to talk about. I also saw my very own chummy too, as we spent an evening shopping for new make-up and treating ourselves to whetherspoons meals & tasty hot chocolates with cute little tree decorations on top, while we spent all evening having a 'gossip'. Yet another shopping trip with my mother to buy all my boyfriends presents ended with a stop at a little cafe for toasted bacon baguettes and another hot chocolate (any excuse in the cold season), which was a fun day out too!

Also for the last few months due to a possible part time job I've been getting sewing and different craft lessons. I've managed to make trousers, a little bag and a cushion in my sewing lessons and a few weeks ago I finally got taught a bit of flower arranging and I'm very proud of the overall result (which I did all by myself), it's weird how these little things keep me so entertained but once I learn I can mkae things for hours.

To finish off the month, the friday just gone I spent the day with my university friends. Starting the day with some filming for our module (fingers crossed, we get a good mark), once we'd finished I headed to my friend's and we ended up have a nice long nap snuggled in a Disney blanket before getting ready for a uni event where I wore my One Tree Hill Ravens jersey, which people who'd watched the show were pretty jealous of.

It's been a relaxed month, assignments have been started, I've caught up with friends so it's great and now it's almost December I'm super excited for the next couple of weeks and the crazy ways I'll be celebrating christmas, woo! But of course, keep an eye out on my blog & I'm sure I'll be posting lots over the next few weeks. How's your month been? Hope it's been great!


  1. You're pictures are lovely :)
    I'm super looking forward to Christmas to now :D

    Kelly from :)

    1. Thankyou!
      Oh yes me too, I can't wait to see everyones christmassy posts too!

      -Sarah xo

  2. That hot chocolate looks incredible!
    Elise -

    1. Doesn't it just! I was only asked if I want some chocolate sprinkles, this was a cute surprised aha

      -Sarah xo


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