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It's probably very apparent by now (and the amount of times I've said it) I love tag posts and I found this one and couldn't resist. Just another way of getting to know me a little better and all the things I like the most.

Make up; 

1. blush or bronzer - Blush, it's quick to apply and adds a little colour to my cheeks, where as bronzer gives more shimmer 
2. lip gloss or lip stick - Lip stick, I prefer the fuller look and more colour on my lips. 
3. eyeliner or mascara - both? probably eyeliner, always my go to make-up which I always make sure I apply. 
4. foundation or concealer - foundation, I mainly use it for all over cover and tend not to need concealer  
5. natural or coloured eyeshadow - I'm envious of anyone who can get away with coloured eyeshadow, but right now I'm sticking to natural. Using my MUA eyeshadow palette. 
6. pressed or loose eyeshadow - Pressed eyeshadow is what I use the most right now, very easy!
7. brush or sponge - A few months ago I bought the Real Techniques brushes and I use 2 out of 4 out of the set. I'm loving the brushes for contouring & bronzer and prefer sponge for my foundation. 


1. opi or china glaze - I don't use either! I usually stick to Barry M! 
2. long or short - I wish I had long nails, but sadly my nail biting habit won't allow that
3. acrylic or natural - After biting off my acrylic nails, I think it's best I stay natural 
4. bright or dark - bright for summer, dark for winter!
5. flower or no flower - no flower


1. perfume or body splash - I loveeee perfume, I just wish the smell would stay longer than it normally does. 
2. lotion or body butter - body butter! however, right now I'm struggling to find the right one to use, any suggestions? 
3. body wash or soap - Body wash, usually because it comes looks so pretty and smells much nicer. 
4. lush or other - other? only because I've never used lush products. I've been meaning too I'm just not sure what I'm looking for.


1. jeans or sweat pants - leggings? Purely because jeans are too uncomfortable and they're much more stylish than sweat pants, but just as comfy! 
2. long sleeves or short sleeves - short rolled up sleeves, it's trend right?
3. dress or skirt - I'm struggling to wear them so much lately but dresses. I find them easier and doesn't involve picking the right t-shirt or blouse to wear with it! 
4. scarves or hats - I love both, I'm obsessed with scarves and hats over winter. 
5. studs or dangling earrings - Right now I'm always wearing studs, although I want to venture and try dangly earrings
6. necklace or bracelet - Bracelets! Along with my watch, I always need to wear my pandora bracelet and a few hand made bracelets. 
7. heels or flats - Depending on the situation, flats in the day, heels on the night!
8. cowboy boots or riding boots - Riding boots? I don't tend to wear either but I think some style of riding boots would be next on my list
9. jackets or hoodies - jackets for keeping warm and an extra layer when going out. hoodies on my lazy days when I'm struggling to find anything to wear. 
10. forever 21 or charlotte russe - forever 21! 


1. curly or straight - curly. I have weirdly straight and uncontrollably soft hair. So every chance I have I make it curly.
2. bun or ponytail - Bun. I'm not sure why but it gives my hair more volume or something when I stick it up! 
3. bobby pin or butterfly clips - bobby pins. I was obsessed with butterfly clips when I was younger but now I'm lost without at least one bobby pin with me!
4. hairspray or gel - Hairspray everyday! It doesn't hold my hair for that long, but I'd be lost without it!
5. long or short - I'm desperate for long hair, so anyone has any tips...let me know!
6. dark or light - my hair has been all different shades and I can never decide between my dark hair, blonde or red. 
7. side swept bangs or full bangs - Both? I always wanted a really thick side swept fringe (but it never worked out) and full fringe is always my go to style when I'm bored of my out of control and never growing hair. 
8. up or down - Down! I love to wear my hair down, I'm not always comfortable wearing my hair up!


1. rain or shine - I'm happy with either!
2. summer or winter - Winter, all the time. Theres just something about the winter I adore!
3. fall or spring - I should say spring (it's my birthday in spring) but fall in one season away from winter, and it's pretty!
4. chocolate or vanilla - Chocolate any day of the week. Chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, milkshake. Chocolate flavour I'll eat it! 

Let me know if you do this post yourself, I'd love to read it!
Also if you have any suggestions for other tag posts or any other post suggestions that would be great!


  1. Love this tag!
    Also tip for long not have it cut every 6-8 weeks like hairdressers recommend! I've started having mine cut 3/4 times a year and if you look after it it still looks nice and mine has grown so much faster than it used to :)

  2. Thankyou!
    Ahhh good tip! I shall try it, I've just had it cut after a year and a half but it was in terrible condition. Time to get it back and growing again hehe

    -sarah xo

  3. Love this tag :) Something good to ease myself bak into blogging, thanks! xx

    1. Thankyou! I hope you enjoy writing, I'll have to give it a read once it's up :)

      -sarah xo


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