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Merry Christmas bloggers! 
I realise I didn't want to blog until after christmas, but it's 20 minutes away from christmas and I'm struggling to find any christmas spirit, so I thought I'd try and feel festive by writing a festive post!? 
Our family have always done Christmas Eve & Christmas Day slightly different to most people, so I'm sure you'll love to read this... 

Christmas Eve

December 24th, is my little brothers birthday and growing up we completely ignored Christmas on Christmas Eve. From a young age I remember family members coming round with his presents and singing Happy Birthday & everyone forgot how close Christmas was, we mainly ended up in Pizza Hut most years before we went to the cinema to watch whatever film my brother wanted. On the evening as a family we'd go to Church for Christmas Mass Service on the evening & I remember singing so many Christmas carols before spending the evening watching Christmas TV specials and ending the night by trying to get lots of sleep...Even as teenagers this tradition continued, and even as we're both pretty much adults we still ignore Christmas on Christmas Eve. This year was really different, so sadly I haven't had the same festive feeling by this time of night like I usually do. 

Christmas Day 

I kind of have two different Christmas traditions... 
As little'uns we spent Christmas in a different way, as my Nan and my dad's Aunty found our house a little difficult to get into the house (we have tons of steps to our door) we used to have Christmas dinner at a pub/carvery restaurant. We'd wake up really early (6;30am) open all our presents, get dressed up in a brand new outfit and then head off for Christmas Dinner...It was nice because we could spend the afternoon relaxed and no one had the stress of cooking the roast, and it was always tasty,yum yum! Then before leaving me and my brother would spend at least an hour running around the play area before spending the evening with my nan. 
When my nan & aunty passed away, our Christmas changed a little and for the last 6/7 years we've spent Christmas day at my other nans house. She'd cook dinner for my family (4 of us), her family (3 of them) and the odd occasion when other aunts and uncles would join us too! Open presents at home before getting dressed and heading round for more presents. We spent a few years swapping who would cook & who would host the dinner, however this year and the last couple of years, my brother (semi-professional chef) usually cooks the dinner round my nans and we spend the day with her, my granddad & Aunty. Andddd, this year will be my second Christmas where I get to spend my evening with my boyfriend & his family, getting more presents & being super lazy to end the day. Spending this evening with him is the time I'm most looking forward to this year! 

...and just as I'm about to post it, it's OFFICALLY CHRISTMAS!
Merry Christmas guys & I hope you have a fantastic day, love you all!


  1. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas miss! Sounds very busy but lovely xxx

    1. Thankyou! I hope you did too :)
      Oh it's always the same aha busy busy time of the year

      -Sarah xo


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