Clothes Show Live 2013; haul


On Sunday (8th December) myself and some friends from university headed to the clothes show, with a 6am start, money at the ready and no idea what we were doing, we kind of just headed in and hoped for the best. Planning a few tactics along the way didn't exactly work out but we got there in the end. After a few failed photobooth photos (which of couse I still love) we spent our day searching the stalls for the best deals, mainly hitting lucky in the make-up department...which I could've done without, oops? We also got moved closer to the stage for the fashion show which was great to perv on the models (the men were goregous). 

£5 Goodie Bag; sun shimmer instant tan - lash accelerator endless mascara -
- salon pro nail polish #317 - wake me up foundation sample -

The first thing I purchases was the Rimmel goodie bag, for £5 I shouldn't of excepted too much but however I am a little disappointed with the quality, for such a well known brand I hoped for more treats but was given; fake tan, mascara, nail polish and a sachet of foundation, although I am a little excited to try fake tan. 

£10 Barry M Goodie Bag; super soft eye crayon - intense black mascara - kohl pencil -
- gold glitter stick - lip gloss - dazzle dust #16 & # 24 - 
gold nail paint - pink limited edition nail paint - purple limited edition nail paint - silver nail paint - red nail paint - 

We then headed over to Barry M and purchased the goodie bag, for £10. For the price I managed to get a variety of colours in nail polishs and eyeliners, I was definitly more impressed with this years bag compared to last (I was given bright blue mascara, erm what?) I'm excited to start using the dazzle dust especially #24 as it's a dark grey shrimmer colour which will look great with smokey eyes & I'm looking forward to trying all the nail paints, which I got a great selection of colours all a glittery shimmer & plenty of colours to wear over christmas. 

2 for £10 Bomb Cosmetics; sea of tranquility - passionfruit fandango - 

After seeing photos the day before of Bomb Cosmentics candles I headed over in the hope of finding christmassy smells, failing that we smelt literally every smell at the stall and I brough 2 for £10! 
One being 'Passionfruit Fandango' which, (if you know what I'm on about...) smells like a sex on the beach cocktail from whetherspoons, which has been my favourite drink since I turned 18, so I'm a little over excited to start using this candle. Also it's going to be the perfect smell during spring and summer. 
The other 'Sea of Tranquility' has a much fresher smell, like fresh bedding and clean clothes?! Which is always a nice smell, isn't it? I'm not sure when or if I'll use this candle but I couldn't decide and for the price of one candle being £7 choosing 2 for £10 was a much better idea! 

£3 or 2 for £5 earrings; merry christmas - anchor -

After a long search we finally started finding less beauty related items and I brought a few pairs of earrings! The stall was filled with boxes of random pairs of earrings and it was a search for more than two of the same pair, which I liked as they we're all a little bit more unique. The guy was trying to sell me Pizza Hut, KFC and McDonalds earrings which was a little odd, I don't really fancy wearing those although they were hilarious to find. (I've already worn the anchors today & I'm wearing my christmas earrings over the festive week)! 

I was hoping to finally get to the clothing section and after searching round a few times I finally found some items I liked! Not many but I got good deals on both so I can't really complain. I have plans to wear both over the week of christmas and have everyone laugh at me for my choice of christmas jumper, because well isn't it just great? Anyone of my age will love the chance to wear a jumper that represent their childhood, especially when it's home alone!? 

£8 - merry christmas ya filthy animal 

As I said I thought it was hilarious when I got this and I can't wait to wear it! I'd seen it online and was hmming & ahhing whether it was something I wanted to purchase, but when we we're searching the stalls we came across this jumper at a great price of £10! We'd noticed a pull on the jumper & Ellie went and had a little haggle to get a lower price, so bargain right!? 
(I'll probably do outfit posts when it comes to christmas, so get ready to see this) 

£5; pokadot peplum dress -

Not all stalls at the clothes so are official branded clothing and I guess you can't complain when you get great deals. For the last few months I've been searching for a new dress to wear this christmas and nothings every really caught my eye, so when I found this dress I quickly picked up my size and was happy to find out it was only £10, but to then be corrected it was £5, oh yay! Sadly I couldn't try it on over my outfit so it's going to be down to luck whether or not it fits me...which I really hope it does, but for £5 I guess I can't complain either way!

We spent 6/7 hours shopping before finally getting our slot at the fashion show, but it was a nice ending to a great day! All shopped out & moved close to the front was a lovely little treat thanks to a lovely security man. Getting us closer meant we had a better view of the models and they we're soooo good! The male models & dancers we're not only good looking but hilarious, interacting with the audience for screams and blowing kissings and waving to cameras, I mean how cute seriously!? One even came off stage mid performance and took a selfie with my friend, wow!  

Any other bloggers been to the clothes show this week? What did you buy? Also have you done a post, comment me your link, I'd love to see what you brought!? 


  1. Wow, I wish I could have gone to this! Everything you picked up looks amazing, especially love the jumper! Glad you had a good time :)
    Aileen x

    1. If you can, try for next year!
      I can't wait to wear everything out and thankyou!

      -Sarah xo

  2. Shame about the quality of the goody bag, but that Xmas jumper is AMAZE! I need it!! Beth xox

    1. I know right, still haven't had the chance to use everything oops!
      Isn't it just, hopefully a blog post soon woo!

      -Sarah xo

  3. Have always wanted to go to the Clothes show! You got so much nice stuff, i love the Christmas jumper :) xx

    1. If you can, I'd try and go! I always love it, even if I come home with nothing.. aha

      -Sarah xo

  4. I'll be heading there next year, all these blog posts are making me wish I'd went! Great goodie bag haul (apart from Rimmel!)

    Sarah :)

    Saloca in Wonderland

  5. This is super cute haha, love the silly photobooth pictures! Ahh the Christmas sweater made me laugh so hard! Great choice!


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