merry christmas ya filthy animal


 another outfit post, am I alright? but ooo I'm getting the hang of this...

don't you all love a bit of I've seen this pop up on my blog news feeds so much lately, but I'm sure you can enjoy another read about this jumper, right? No childhood is complete without hours spent watching & re-watching all the home alone movies, now 1 & 2 are obviously the better ones and will always be my favourites, especially 'Lost in New York' because well I love New York & I'd love to be there for christmas, and Macaulay Culkin it's all down to you!?

'Merry Christmas ya filthy animals' is the most memorable quote from these films & I love it even now anyway, this quote. It's my favourite and when I saw this jumper I couldn't help but fall in love. I'd seen it a few times online & contemplated a purchase, it even appeared in a blog post, here. But it wasn't until I found it at the clothes that I couldn't resist for £8. As a jumper I'll only wear one day a year, I wasn't willing to spend much more.
I'm still a little unsure of the fit as it doesn't seat too neatly on my body shape and makes me look a little bigger than normal, but I love the tacky design of the jumper which is what everyone is loving right now, it's so tacky it's adorable...Next year I'll look into light-up jumpers (seriously!). Even with my doubt it's going to be handy to hide my already growing food baby before tomorrow & is paired with an adorable pair of slippers, because why not! Also this is the perfect jumper to be wearing as the family turn up throughout the day to celebrate my brothers birthday with him, I'll just be there to remind them all that Christmas is TOMORROW!

I'd like to wish you all a 'merry christmas & a happy new year' I'm sure I'll be posting again within this week but tomorrow is break day & I'm going to stuff my face with food & spend it with family & my boyfriend. But make sure you're following me on twitter for constant updates.

Lots of Love, and Christmas cheer...



  1. That sweater is adorable, and so is your blog! Glad I found it!


  2. Aw I think it really suits you! :)

    Danniella x |

  3. LOVE that jumper :)


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