Monthly Bucket List: December


Merry December everyoneeee,
It's that time of the month again, time for me to put a list together & wonder what I get finished this month. I tend to make myself a list of goals each month and due to these posts I'm getting so many things done, sadly last month after looking back at my list I've probably done one thing on my list, bad sarah! But it's even more exciting as it's the Christmas month now, so time for more festive goals I think! When it comes to the festive season I'm always more motivated to get things done and achieve my little goals, so lets see if that's what I manage to do during December.

Novembers List:

♡ Continue my spending ban 

♡ Start writing more lifestyle related posts 

♡ Print off photos for my photo album 

♡ Make more friends through my blog 

Is that it! One thing, oops! But making friends is always an important thing to achieve, well I think so anyway! Plus I haven't spend too much this month, but I did treat myself to a couple things specially when I started my christmas shopping, I just couldn't help myself! I written a couple lifestyle posts but due to lack of camera quality I've failed to do many more, but as Christmas is approaching I hope to write more about days & nights with friends to celebrate...but we'll see how that goes! That being said I guess it's time for my 'bucket list' for this month.

Decembers list: 

♡ Write at least one blog post a week

♡ Find other ways to challenge myself through my blog 

♡ Keep calm & relaxed while getting all my assignments finished 

♡ Make sure I enjoy myself with all the plans I have this month; oh and blog about them

♡ Not to go back on my word (I've made a fair few promises for this month)

♡ Decorate my room for Christmas

There's lots I want to get done this months and there's lots of things to look forward too, so I hope this bucket list, but the new year I can cross off and say I managed in 2013. Now we're finally in December I've got lots of christmas spirit starting to build up and I only hope that this continues throughout the month and that I really make sure I enjoy myself and honestly make the most of the end of 2013...wish me luck I guess. 

I hope you all enjoy my bucket list each month, it's a nice little reminder to myself and a way of keeping's also nice to look back at in the following month to see what I managed to accomplish and look at the things I still need to work on. 


  1. Hey Sarah,

    What a great idea! I hope you achieve everything you want in December... It was nice to start talking in November and I hope we continue in December ��

    Bethany x x

    1. Hey Beth,
      how sweet! Thankyou so much, oh it' s been lovely getting to know you, of course we'll continue talking in December :)

      -Sarah xo

  2. I love the idea of this post, it's so difficult to stick to the things that you promise to yourself because there's no one to keep you to them. I guess this is just another incentive! Really cool idea, hope you're successful with your goals xx

    1. Thank you! I think it helps writing it up because others can see & that gives me more motivation to get them done in some way

      -Sarah xo

  3. Lovely post & great way to keep on track! Hope you manage to 'nail' them all! Xx

    1. Thankyou! Hopefully, I can say I got everything done by January aha

      -Sarah xo

  4. I love the idea of having a monthly bucket list- it makes having a to do list a lot more fun and manageable :) great post x

  5. I still struggle to complete my list though, but i'm hoping slowly I get better at getting them done!

    Sarah xo


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