OOTD; smart casual?


it's been so long since I even tried to write a outfit post, but today feels like a day to try again and I really liked my outfit so I thought, why the hell not... 

I got this black jumper with a frilly white collar detail last week from Primark and already I've been very excited to mention it on my blog, because it's just so cute. I wanted the perfect excuse to wear this jumper out, as it's super cosy and isn't too thick! Which may sound weird at this time of year, but the thin fit makes it much more comfortable and I'll be able to wear this all year round. 
I've only worn it a few times now but so far no complaints and for £12 I was pretty impressed not to find the poor primark quality I'm used to finding. 

I completed this outfit with my checked grey patterned leggings (again from primark), which gave my outfit a look of 'office attire', but I wanted to dress up a little and try something a little out of my comfort zone and in my case that usually means wearing patterned leggings. I think this works really well together and can't wait to find all different ways of wearing my new jumper. Another great thing about this outfit, is it would be perfect for a cosy christmas outfit if you're wanting to dress up but not look over or under dressed, it has that perfect balance (i think)...and if I don't find an outfit for next week this may be exactly what I'm wearing, or maybe the jumper with a skirt (mix it up some more).



  1. You look gorgeous xxx


  2. Loving the shirt, I might have to go check that out. There are not enough collars in my wardrobe!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. it's super comfy, I recommend having a search for it!
      Oh I need more after this post hehe



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