you weren't that bad...but bye bye 2013!?


Remember six months ago? I did a six month review of the year, showing you my favourite pictures and what had happened so far (you can read it, here). The start of the year included stress, snow, anniversaries, birthdays and lots of nights out and the last few months have been completely calm in comparison, but I still want to show you the exciting things I've been up to. 

And sadly, there's not loads to show you because I've been extremely quiet when it's come to my social life, been a little boring...but that's okay because I've been a little book worm most of the time instead (more for university than pleasure though).

In my six month review I mentioned how my life had been like up until June and honestly not much has changed, looking back I've really sat in the background and stayed away from anything 'fun', not having much money or even the energy to spend much time out like I used to...that or I'm really getting old, oops! Celebrating lots of family & friends birthday this year has been the main reasons for parties and nights out and when I haven't, I've been with my boyfriend or in the library getting on with assignment (boohoo). Although I've also spent lots of time making friends with people from University which means house parties, freshers nights, bonfire night (which was disney themed!!) murder mystery christmas party, so all these nights out have been lovely and my favourite as I've been getting to know some lovely friends. I also been to events like the Clothes Show, seeing 30 Seconds to Mars & the Big Reunion and I can't wait to find more that will be happening next year!

(everyone's uploading 'flipgrams' to Instagram and I'm absolutely in love with this app that I wanted to share this with you)

This year has flown by and has kind of been a blur, everything's felt a little different and hasn't left me with many memories, which I think it's really unfortunate but now I can leave this year with a better mood knowing that the year is over and look forward to 2014 and hope that it's completely different...mainly because next year involves my 21st, my boyfriends 21st, hopefully a holiday, graduation and other exciting plans!

However, 2013 was also the year I started my blog and it was super exciting that I've gained so many followers and made friends with so many of you lovely people..I can't wait to see what 2014 will bring.
I guess looking back on my year I wish I'd done more and made things more exciting, but I didn't! So to end the year I'm going to look back on how lazy I've been, how I've enjoyed my time I did spend with everyone and how hopefully 2014 can become more exciting.



  1. I love the pic of your photostrips- they look so cool! Try not to look back at 2013 with regret and instead focus on what you have really enjoyed :) I'm going to try living in the moment more next year instead of stressing about upcoming things or what has been and gone and so far it's working well. I hope you have a Happy New Year and 2014 brings you a lot of fun and happiness :) xx

    1. Thankyou!
      Thanks for this comment, it's sooo sweet! I may have to follow you and do the same, lets have 2014 as a positive year!


  2. well it looks like you have a lot to look back on to me :)
    Hope that 2014 brings you plenty of good times x

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  4. Love your photos! Sounds like you had a lovely 2013 but think 2014 will be even better, 21st, graduation, celebrations! How exciting. You have lots to look forward to :-)

    Happy New Year to you from us both.

    x Roch & Tash x


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