Bicester Village; haul


Last week myself and a few friends popped on a train and headed to Bicester Village, and if you're like me and hadn't heard of it before it's a Designer Outlet village near Oxford (I think). Sadly even at discount prices my bank balance took a little battering, I'd actually planned on coming home with only one item and instead came home with over four...which may not sound a lot but I held back to save myself being completely poor. 

After being completely shocked by the prices when walking into stores like Prada and Vivienne Westwood I was sure I'd go home empty handed, although I'd heard there was a make-up store there, which sold obviously I had to have a look inside and now I finally own a mac products, and I'm in love with it! A little eyeshadow which cost me £11, 'Thunder and Rain' a half & half purple and grey, with a little shimmer in the colouring, I'm in love with both shades and the fact that I got 2 different shades for one (technically). I've loved experimenting with this and it's great for a smokey eye effect, I can't wait to use it more...and show you guys the looks I create! While in the Cosmetic Company store I also purchases a Smashbox eyeliner, compared to my usual £2 on an eyeliner I found paying £10 a little steep, but I wanted to give a better quality pencil to try, although I'm yet to fall completely in love with it! 

I also fell completely in love and brought a Ted Baker bag and for £24 I couldn't really say no, specially when I could actually justify the payment...needing a new bag to fit everything in for university, counts right? And so far I've used it for every occasion and even took it on a trial run to university and I can't fault it and oh I'm so in love!
(although the strap doesn't seem big enough to put on my shoulder very easy!) 
This isn't my completely haul as I brought a few things for my parents from Cath Kidston and treated myself to a new hoodie from Superdry for my lazy days around the house, which I don't ever want to take off...seriously guys it's sooo cosy! 
I think my trip may have been a one time thing as I couldn't afford that trip again...for not for a while anyway! However it was a great day out and with a starbucks amongst the shops it's the perfect place for bloggers who love designer brands.


  1. I have a superdry hoodie that I practically live in. They are super comfy :)

    Great post!


  2. The eye shadow is lovely really nice and the bag you will get lots of use from it. Pleased you shared the love and bought your family some goodies too lucy

  3. The mac eyeshadow looks lovely and the two colours are perfect for a smokey eye! Also love the Ted Baker bag!

    Bella x

  4. I live in Chester and there is an Outlet Village about 10 minutes from my house! I'm always in the cosmetic company and I went in last night. They'd had a huuuuge MAC order and I spent over £80! It's amazing what they have discounted!!


  5. Oh, the eyeliner is tempting me and your new bag is lush :) xx


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