Girl-O-Whirl; Soap & Glory gift set


I've been wanting to write this post for weeks now, oops my bad!

This was a christmas present and I wanted to review it straight away but me being me I took forever to try it all out. After the clothes show, christmas and shameful shopping trips I've had lots of new make-up to try (& the next few weeks hopefully). New Year means I want to experiment with my posts and with a new camera I have no excuse when it comes to my photography content in my blogs, so sorry in advance I got a little camera happy!

I'd spotted this before christmas and bluntly hinted/told my mom that this was something I wanted, so I was delighted when my aunty & uncle brought it me! Within the first day I tested out the highlighter & bronzer and although I'm terrible at applying it, I was impressed with the colour and the result..however I may not use it permanently just yet. 

I'm yet to use the lip glosses as I find them difficult to use when in pallette form, but the eye shadows I LOVE them! I've become obsessed with eye shadows lately (which means more make-up posts to come) I find these eye shadows such great colours and I can't wait to use them more especially the blue, purple and black! Smokey eye look anyone?

I'm obsessed with mascara lately, I just love the look it creates and practically completes any look. Straight away from the look of the brush you can tell it's going to apply nice and thick...I'm not very good at explaining mascara, but I'm just in love and I can't wait to use this mascara more!

Finally 'Sexy Mother Pucker' has now become my favourite gloss stick, leaving a slight tint to the lips and is easy to apply so I don't need to worry too much about smudges (specially when I forget a mirror) and even though I seem to be the only one, I think it tastes like chocolate...seriously does anyone else agree? 

Who else has this set? Which is your favourite part of it?
If you don't have it which item would you like to try? 


  1. love your blog! following you!

  2. Love to see your review on this!
    I did one here: Kimsbeautydrawer.Com
    I love seeing what other people think if product a I have!


  3. That mascara looks quite good, can you buy it on its own? x

  4. Hooray for new cameras!
    This kit sounds fantastic for sampling their makeup! (Originally thought that the highlighter was a blush because it's so pink toned, hah)
    A gloss stick that tastes like chocolate?? I want to try!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things


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