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For the last few months I've been very out of love with my bedroom, unimpressed with every little thing and just becoming bored. I love spending most of my time in my bedroom so when I dislike it, it makes me a little miserable, so I need that feeling to stop happening. So it's time to redecorate and as I'm a poor student I'm going to try and do it as cheap as possible, and I thought I'd share some of the things I've found with you! 

(the best places to look are definitely; Ikea, The Range, Amazon, M&S, Wilkinson's, and Home Sense...along with a few others) 

decorative bowl - sheer curtains - love - vase - heart box - photo frame - memo board - candle holder 

I want to use storage space to tidy up areas such as the shelf where I keep all my makeup, I'm running out of space so it's time for a clear out and sort out! I also want to make my room a little more mature, which sadly means getting rid of my photo wall, painting the wall a pastel colour and adding photo frames to the wall instead, but obviously they'd need to be mixed as I can't stick to one theme or type. I hope to add chiffon curtains with my blinds to create a more welcoming look to my room. I'm also slowly but surely going to choose trinket boxes, vases and little accessories to decorate & fill my room and give it a more comfortable and 'girly' arrangement. And of course this also means adding fairy lights in every possible place to make it all cute

...I also hope to post a room tour when I finally get round to doing it!?



  1. That photoframe is so cute! I've just moved house so need to look at redecorating things but need a "vision" first. It's worth looking in charity shops if you're dong it on the cheap xx Rebecca - UK Style Blog

    1. Next home also do some lovely stuff x
      Demi x

  2. I love white for the bedroom, so tranquil and relaxing! I'm loving The Range at the minute, so affordable and some beautiful stuff! I'd also recommend Asda home ware and Primark for bargain decorating! Primark have had some lovely bedding in!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. I love the little set of drawers and photo frame. I really want these now aahhh
    Alice x

  4. I've just recently moved into my new home :) Wilkinsons is by far the most affordable but I have found some lovely bits in Next too! :) Once you have a theme or colours for your room it'll be much easier :)



  5. That photo frame and little set of drawers are just stunning! I've just bought my first house and am so excited to decorate.


  6. I love those curtains and yes fairy lights are a must have! I haven't got any yet but etsy.com do some at a low price and they look great :) xxx

  7. I love the candle holder it's so pretty! x


  8. ohhh I might have to convince my boyfriend that we need that photo frame for our spare room - it's gorgeous xx



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