Life Lately; December


Happy New Year ladies!?
I realise that this post is a little late...three days in fact, but I did so much in the month of December I couldn't just ignore it. (and obviously you guys want to read about it, don't you?)
- So to start the month I celebrated Christmas early with friends from uni, as the girls live way from home to study they'd be leaving in the first few weeks due to the Christmas break being pretty early in the month. The girls decorated their house and welcomed a big group of us round, made us dinner and created a story for 'Murder Mystery', I've never had a night like this before and it was actually really fun becoming a 'character' for the evening...although it was a little upsetting when everyone thought I was the murderer, boohoo! (but it's cool, I didn't do it!).
-To continue with the Christmas spirit, within one week I decorated three different Christmas tree's and as crazy as it sounds I really enjoy decorating the house ready for Christmas and being asked to decorate other peoples was really fun!
-Again with some of the girl from uni we had tickets for the Clothes Show live, but I have more on that trip on a post, here.
-I also treated my mom to an evening out to watch the Big Reunion as her Christmas present. We started the evening with cocktails and food at Whetherspoons before a stressful train journey to the LG Arena in Birmingham, the night was amazing and we had such great seats, I mean I could see each act and didn't even need to look at the big we we're at an angle where I actually couldn't see the big screen. It was a lovely night out with my mom and I'm actually not sure who enjoyed it more, me or her.
-A couple of weeks before Christmas, after taking a much needed break from the library I spent a week meeting up with friends which included lots of eating and drinking...Take aways, meals and Frankie and bennies and even a house party, but I've not had much of a social life in the last few months it was kind of nice getting back into it and seeing my friends again. And it's always fun having a good catch up with everyone.
-Following the week before Christmas, we had lots of plans, family plans. This included my nan's surprise party, a little gathering at my granddads house and a relax Christmas Eve doing nothing but celebrating my brothers birthday. All before spending the day relaxed with both my family and an evening with Tom and his family, ahh and although Christmas felt a little weird this year, looking back I really enjoyed my week.
I apologise now about all the Christmas talk, I kind of hoped to get this post up before New Year, and completely forgot about it. I really enjoyed myself in December and enjoyed all the time I spent with family and friends and happy to look back on the memories that I had.



  1. Great post, looks like you were a busy bee through the December...I love reading Christmas posts still I think I'm clinging on to the memory of Christmas it feels like ages ago!!x

    1. I was very busy during December, but it was so much fun! oh yes, it's like it didn't even happen at all aha

      -sarah xo

  2. Looks like you had a lovely December and Christmas! I love how we can get pretty much a months worth of celebrations for Christmas!

    I'd love to do a Murder Mystery dinner, it's top of the list!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. I did thankyou! it's crazy how quickly it can pass by too!
      Oh I was dreading it but I had so much fun in the end!

      -Sarah xo

  3. Happy new year to you too! Best wishes :) We are folllowing you :)


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