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1.What’s your name & blog name?
My name is Loretta and my blog’s name is The University Project 

2.Give a little introduction about yourself:
I am 21 years old, obsessed with Stationery, studying Zoology with Conservation at Bangor University, I have a pet Hamster called Jess, I love my family, friends and boyfriend! I am quite the nerd, I am much happier sat in on a Friday night with hot chocolate and Netflix than venturing out into the cold Welsh weather… I am a bit of a stress head and get very anxious around exams and so if you’re looking to find me this January the best place to look is the Library or hiding under my duvet!

3.What inspired you to blog and your blog name?
During my end of year exams at the first year of University I discovered the world of blogs and therefore spent a lot of time procrastinating by reading through my favourite ones and going really far back into their archives so during the summer holidays I decided that I would have a go myself and created my own blog! I was actually given a Filofax to review by another blogger and got dubbed ‘The University Project’ but the name grew on me and so I decided that is what I would call my blog!

4.What’s you blog focus on and what do you love blogging about?
My blog’s focus is generally what is going on in my life at the time, I post about field trips I have been on with University, TV shows I am watching, things I have bought when I went out shopping, what I have cooked or baked recently and so on! I am slowly starting to branch out and talk about what I have been wearing or which beauty products I have been using but my anxiety is keeping that very much a work in progress!

5. What’s your biggest passion?
My biggest passion in life is being happy (corny I know!) but I find that I spend a lot of time stressing myself out over University and overthinking day to day life that it really helps me to just take some time out every now and again and make time to do the things that make me happy. I really enjoy trying out new hobbies and finding new things that I love doing!

6.You’ve been given 20 minutes to shop for whatever you want! What do you buy?
Probably stationery! Or boots, I have become way too obsessed with boots this winter and so despite owning 6 pairs, I keep wanting to purchase more!

7.4 things you want to accomplish in 2014?
Oooh this is a difficult one!
1.     Achieve a 2.1 in my second year of university
2.     Save £500 for a rainy day
3.     Get back into running, and stick at it!
4.     Read 30 fictional books

8. What’s a must buy that you recommend to everyone? (It can be anything)
Some sort of Diary or Academic Organiser! I really don’t understand why university students don’t own, and use organizational devices! Even if it is *just* Google Calendar! You really don’t want to be in the position that my housemate was in last semester when she realized she had a 2000 word essay she had completely forgotten about due in less than a week and she still had 4 more assignments to finish for the same day! Crazy times!

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