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1.     What’s your name & blog name?
My name is Melody, and my blog name is A_SimpleMelody 
2.     Give a little introduction about yourself: 
I am 19 years old, currently studying Music in the Bristol Institute Of Modern Music (Definitely not as boring as it sounds aha) I have had my blog since the end of October '13 and I love anything Beauty or Fashion related. 
3.     What inspired you to blog and your blog name? 
I loved reading blogs and I particularly love Zoella's blog. My friend Beky also has a blog and she told me to give it a go. She also helped me with my blog name. (She's awesome) 
4.     What’s you blog focus on and what do you love blogging about?
Anything Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle. But to be honest, as long as I love writing about it and I think people will like reading it, I'll blog about it. 
5.     What’s your biggest passion?
Oohh, That's a tough one, Obviously I love love love blogging, and the blogging community is amazing. Other than that I love to write music and preform with my band Save The Dinosaurs. 
6.     You’ve been given 20 minutes to shop for whatever you want! What do you buy?
I would probably go into TopShop and get as much as I could. But then again.... who wouldn't? 
7.     4 things you want to accomplish in 2014?
I would LOVE to get over 100 Followers on my blog/bloglovin'. (Fingers crossed) Other than that I would really love to get a little bit healthier and just feel happy with my body. 
8.     What’s a must buy that you recommend to everyone? (It can be anything)
MAC Lipsticks for sure. I recently went shopping with my friend Beky, she bought her first ever MAC lipstick and she loves it.

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