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For the last couple of weeks I've been in what I can only call a 'funk', a bad mood and just generally not feeling myself...I guess those are just a few ways to explain it. And to help myself and kick it out of my system I thought I'd write a post on how I usually go about feeling better. 
Every so often, I hit a wall and become stuck in a bad mood and I find everyway possible to cheer myself up and stop my negative thoughts...usually I have to let myself get out of the mood naturally, but one of the favourite things to do is have a lazy day and watch films. Ever since high school I've loved watching films, locking myself away and finding as many different chick-flicks to cheer myself up! 

Looking at my selection of films I've got and depending on my mood, I pick at least 5 films to keep on my bedside ready for hours of movies. Once that's selected I get into my comfy clothes, either pjs or the baggiest jumper I can find, I get my pillows arranged comfortably in my bed and create myself a little nest. Before I choose my first film I make sure I've got myself a few snacks (popcorn and crisps usually suit me) and make myself a nice warm cup of hot chocolate and ahhhh relax! Since getting face-masks for christmas these are now added to the list, stick a face-pack on and sit and enjoy the film while my face sets. All this along with turning on my fairy lights and lighting the candles in my room, which tend to be sweet smells however for christmas I was brought a next 'Vintage Rose & Magnolia' candle and I purchased a Bomb Cosmetics 'Sea of Tranquility' candles at the clothes show, I find these perfect for the times when I want a calming atmosphere and these smells oddly do the trick! 

I can't wait until my assignments are over next week and I can't have at least two weeks of stress free days and do nothing but watch my favourite films. I love lazy stress free days and I hope you guys do too! Do you have any routine when it comes to being in a bad mood?



  1. This is such a lovely idea but I don't think I'd ever have time, too much work to do! x

  2. I know exactly what you mean about being in that sort of mood! X

  3. I love those face masks - I stocked up on loads the other day and I'm gradually making my way through them :) x


  4. Hope your funk soon fades hun, sounds like you have a lovely routine to cheer yourself up. I find a bubble bath, face mask and some chilled out music does the trick for me :) xxx


  5. This sounds like a perfect day for me, I can't remember the last time I got to have one though since becoming a mummy lol il be lucky to get a relaxing hour in the evening, grasp those days with both hands and i hope it helps lifts your mood my love x


  6. I love those face masks, I used a sauna one last night and it felt amazing! Hurrah for pampering and relaxation! :D x


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