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This may be the weirdest, yet logical post of mine to date. We've all sat around and considered 'the perfect world' right?...Well I hope I'm not alone, but I was thinking about how I look compared to how I wish I looked! Also a girls view of themselves is always seen as completely crazy to how people actually see them. So for todays post I'm going to explain to you a little about my life and how I look compared to my ideal and my 'if only' life and appearance.

The princess diaries transformation scene seemed appropriate here... 

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How would I describe myself? I've always taken a little disliking to my life and looks. I'm a shy girl with anxious tendencies, I'm short and my personality trait has always been 'weird', while I love being a little different to the rest, it's always has it's downside (like my struggle to make friends) oh and I've always been a little immature for my age...level headed, realistic but I love a good kids films from time to time! Also during my teen years I was short, stumpy and slightly chubs and sadly I still am!I have uncontrollable, flicked out, boring and straight hair which is constantly flat even after half a can of hairspray. I've always been lucky with clear skin (which has always been a bonus to everything else) and I only started wearing make-up 'full time' when I started college. I've always struggled to be comfortable in the clothes I wear, the slightest movement usually makes my outfit look ridiculous and I'm yet to find the clothes that suit my body-type, which I'm sure I should know by now!! I'm an awkward person and if something goes wrong and embarrasses me, it usually will, especially in public places (like tripping on the bus, clothes flipping up in the wind and being unable to do anything but nervously laugh at people...in almost every situation). 
...I'd really selling myself here aren't I? but honestly I've come to except my flaws. Yet I continue to think that one day I'll wake up a different person, and that person would be an outgoing, confident girl who still slightly weird (but still sane). I'd still be short, but slim and toned. I'd probably go to the gym at least twice a week (instead of panicking before leaving the house). I'd have perfect hair like the girls in films, long perfectly curled hair that stayed the same without the half a can of hairspray! My skin would still be clear, but my make-up would stay in place all day long. And I'd actually be able to apply make-up like I was my own make-up artist! I'd also have the confidence to do things I only ever I think about doing and would no longer but awkward in public, I could talk to people with ease and I wouldn't trip on the bus! I'd also be able to decide on what to do with my life and enjoy going on holiday and see the places that are just on my travelling bucket list!? 

I'd change a lot more of myself and wish that I was completely different to how I really am but I guess that's it, we're never happy with everything in our life but sometimes we can change things and other times we simple can't. I like my ideal world and always hoped that, that's who I'll become when I 'grow up', but give me a few years and we'll see where I am!
Please say you all do this too? Think about the difference in your real and imaginary world! I just like to know I'm not alone!!



  1. Sarah, I think this is totally normal. It's like reading about myself. I've always thought when I've grown up, when I'm older, I'll be confident with everyone and everything I do, slim, wouldn't worry about how I look, travel etc. it wasn't until I turned 21 that I stopped and thought about how I'm waiting to grow up, and it's not going to happen how I want. I wanted my dream me to turn into reality over night! If only right?
    I might not be the very over weight teen anymore, so I guess I'm getting there, people say how lovely and slim I am, but all I see is what needs toning - and that's a lot! My confidence is still not great, especially with guys and actually people my age. I'm still weird too! Being weird, or different to others is not a bad thing at all - I see it as something that makes us standout in a good way. Who wants to be all the same?

    I guess though we are who we are, and we can make small changes that will lead us to being more like the dream person we want to be. Although we are only human, pretty cool ones too!
    Emma Xx

  2. i can relate to this very very much, even though i know i'm me and that's not going to change i still kind of expect to wake up a little bit different, a little bit better. I'm also prone to putting stuff off until i'm that different person which is obviously ridiculous! anyway great post and i'm glad to hear that you're starting to accept who you are :) x

  3. Something I noticed in this post that I think is a pretty big positive is that you're not wanting to change your personality, attitude or beliefs which is definitely a good thing. Biggest cliche ever but being happy on the inside always shines through (vom worthy statement, I know) but it's something work hanging onto :)

    And go get a tube of Benefit's Porefessional, then at least your makeup will stay in place all day! xx

  4. This is so totally normal lovely! We all wish for different things. When you get old (like me), you just have to kind of come to terms with things being as they are, and accepting yourself for who you are! :) xo

  5. I love this post - sums up how I've felt for so long. I remember being in my early teens and thinking "By the time I'm in my late teens I'll have perfect hair and make up and feel confident in myself" - I'm now 24 and it still hasn't happened! I still see other girls in magazines or on the street and wish I could put together outfits as well as she has or style my hair to look so perfect, but I'm beginning to accept myself for who I am (even with occasionally chipped nails and flat hair!)



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