January Favourites

Hello my lovelies, as if it's the end of the month already. This means in a few days time semester starts again and lectures for my final few months at university start, scary!?
I don't often do monthly favourites, but after Christmas and a few cheeky shopping trips I have a few things I would love to share with you all! This includes beauty, fashion and a few things that I've done or used!

To begin with I'll talk about my beauty favourites which you'll have seen/will see in posts to come. I got most of these products for Christmas and I haven't stopped using them and I love them!
My first is 'sexy mother pucker' this gloss stick is my favourite, it's helped my lips so much softer and tastes lovely, I did a post on it only a few days ago! Oh I just love it! Another soap and glory product is sort of a rediscovery, I brought Hand food a couple of months ago and I've loved it since then, but I've started keeping it in my bag and it's great using it on the go to keep my hands feeling soft and smelling sweet throughout the day.

My new Mac eyeshadow (which I blogged about yesterday) I've become obsessed with using eye shadows lately, probably because they are quick to use even when I'm feeling lazy. I've always loved grey/black (dark) eyes to a smokey eye look and this is perfect and a great first addition to my mac makeup collection. Does perfume count as beauty? It does right? well I love it, my daisy by Marc Jacobs, I spent months lusting for this perfume and for Christmas I got a 50ml bottle and four miniatures (yay). I love the miniatures as they are extremely handy to just pop in my bag and I can use for a freshen up. 

my none beauty products include a hair grip, a collar jumper from primark and my brand new wreck this journal. I treated myself just before Christmas to this collared jumper & it's been featured in an outfit post before Christmas...but I've not stopped wearing it since. It's so comfortable and I can't wait to wear it more until summer time. Ever since getting my fringe cut in my go to look has been pinning back my hair, it frames my face much better and suits the style of the hair cut so much more so I wanted to try different ways of keeping this look (as I get bored easily). These hair grips have been a lifesaver...I just want to buy some with the floral pattern on instead now! So if you know where they're from, please let me know? My other none beauty related favourite is my new 'Wreck this Journal' I brought my first book almost 3 years ago now when I just turned 18 and although I'm yet to finish that book I had so much inspiration to start a new book, it's great to bring back some creativity into my life as I feel I haven't done anything artsy in months. Hopefully I'll be doing weekly posts on the pages I complete from now on, so look out for that.

I enjoyed this post, so I hope that I can continue this style of post, well only if I actually have favourites at the end of each month! During Feb I'm hoping to go on a spending ban, so wish me luck ey!



  1. Soap and Glory have some really great products! I'm desperate for a wreck this journal! Have you checked out the other "unfinished" books by Kerri Smith? There are some really awesome ones!
    I really enjoyed this post!! I might even do one myself this month!

    1. I can't wait to get more, I've already got a big collection!?
      Oh it's sooo much fun! I have a few of her other books but this one is my favourite
      oh thankyou, I'd love to read yours if you do one!

      -sarah xo

  2. I've always wanted a "Wreck this journal" but I've never NEEDED one and that's what has refrained me from buying it. I'd love to see some posts on this though! xx


    1. No one really needs a wreck this journal, but it's so much fun! You should get one!
      I hope to post a few pages each week, depending on what I get completed :)

      -sarah xo

  3. The 'Wreck This Journal' is so much fun. I have the app on my iPad and I can waste so much time on it!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  4. Hand food is my life, I am lost without it! And I really want a Wreak This Journal, I always pick it up when I go into WHSmiths and then never buy it :(



  5. I love soap and glory products! they are adorable and pretty hilarious too.



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