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This tag comes from the lovely Paige, from Paige's Preferences!
...Which I think is a great idea, and everyone needs to give her post a read!!
The idea is to pick three brands and your 3 favourites from said my make-up collection is a little small atm, so I'm making a slight adjustment to my three! With two favourite/brands and then the third being my top three from 3 different brands...does that make sense?


I've probably had the occasional Rimmel product since I first started wearing makeup and I'm sure lipstick was the first product I bought myself...excluding all the makeup I've pinched off my mom as a teen.

1. Kate Collection lipstick - shade 22. 
I actually blogged about this product just under a year ago! Over the years I've always been obsessed with red lips, and during the summer I wanted to try wearing it more again, this was the perfect shade as it's a pinky-red. It stays bright for hours, although my only fall out with lipstick is the fact they smudge and I get it I don't know how it happens.
2. Lash Accelerator Endless mascara. 
I actually got this mascara at the clothes show! A little goodie bag only cost me £5 and ever since this has been my mascara of you! Probably not my all-time favourite mascara but my favourite rimmel! It certainly makes me lashes look full and doesn't clump up as much as others sometimes tend to do.
3.Salon Pro nail varnish - 317 hip hop. 
Again I got this product from the clothes show in the same goodie bag as the mascara, and overall these two products were the best from that bag. I'm a terrible nail-varnish picker (a very bad habit) but this polish has a great coverage, a beautiful colour and the base isn't too thick so it's difficult to pick off, so it's pretty perfect for me!

Soap and Glory
It wasn't until last summer that I actually got into using soap and glory products, but this christmas I was brought so many little products from the brand that I've loved using them since December 25th. Everything in the soap and glory range smells beautiful...wouldn't you agree?

1. daily smooth - body butter.
This was part of a present from one of my friends and it's the perfect size to try out a product before buying it again. I love the small bottles as they're small enough to use for travelling. I love putting some of this on whenever my skins feeling a little rough or after I've had a shower, it smells amazing and leaves my skin super soft! 
2. sexy mother pucker - gloss stick. 
I've already raved about this in a recent blog post, or in two actually! But I guess that's proof on how much I love this product. It smells awesome, leave a lovely tint on my lips and makes them super soft. I've had this in my bag for weeks now and is perfect when my lips need a little care and attention during my hours at university! 
3. thick and fast mascara. 
Due to having other mascaras on the go, I'm yet to use this product full time but I love it all the same. I love the thickness of the brush, which I find is always a good sign! Although it's called thick I find that it's a thin application which leaves me lashes looking a little more natural compared to my other mascaras, but it's good to have a product that does that for a more subtle look! 

MUA, Collection and Maybelline

And finally my last few favourite...I rely on these 3 items the most, so they obviously had to make this post! These items are pretty much my everyday makeup, I wear them practically everyday!!

1. mua - eyeshadow palette.
I bought this probably a year ago now, and for £6 it's a little beauty! As you can see I've used it loads, and I've hit the base! The back actually gives you a suggestion on a look to create with the colours, which I love and I use pretty much everyday! With or without a bit of added winged eyeliner.
2. collection lipstick - #3 revenge.
For the last few months I've used this lip colour, just before christmas I wanted to try a 'winter' colour. This dark plum colour is perfect, I love wearing it! Again like the rimmel lipstick I struggle with smudges, which is not a good look!! But this colour stays for a while and oh I don't know I love it hehe.
3. the colossal mascara. 
This has been my favourite mascara for a few years! I've tried and tested a few others and not all were bad but this was is my all time favourite. The brush is really thick which makes me lashes really big and wide, it doesn't clump up and my lashes really do look longer!...I'm sure you can tell but I'm terrible at explaining my reasons why and my love for things, I'm such a bad blogger.

Thanks to Paige for this tag as it was so much also made me realise I need to update and add more makeup brands to my collection!
I hope you all do this tag, because I tag everyone who reads it :)



  1. I love the Rimmel London mascara so much, especially for my lower lashes! Perhaps you could check out my blog?

    Meg ♡

    1. I prefer it on my lower lashes too actually!
      Sure I'll take a look

      sarah xo

  2. I've yet to try a MUA palette but they look fantastic and are such great prices! Maybelline for me, make the best mascaras ever, they're like Pokemon to me, gotta have them all!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. It's definitely my favourite, so I say its worth buying :)
      yesss I'm literally becoming so obsessed with mascara lately, I want them all haha

      sarah xo

  3. I'm using Thick and Fast mascara at the minute and love it. Not sure why but I didn't have high hopes for S&G make up but I'm so impressed. Is there more than that small amount on the gloss stick or can you twist it to get more product?! (Does that even make sense?! Haha)

    ox Lucy

    1. It's great isn't it! Honestly I had the same opinions, but I'm excited to try more products from them now!
      Erm that's a good twist it for more (I'd never thought to look at that hehe)

      Sarah xo

  4. The lash accelerator looks amazing, I am always on the hunt for good mascara xxx

    1. It's definitely worth giving a try..anything for a new mascara really hehe

      sarah xo

  5. Some great favourites there, and such a good post idea!

    Heather | porcelainbeautyx

    1. thank you!
      It was a really fun post to write up :)

      sarah xo


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