wreck it wednesday #2


last weeks post; here.

hi my lovelies, I have more pages to share with you today yay! Which surprisingly these pages are more filled than in my last post but what can you do, when inspiration hits on some pages quicker than others.  
have you seen the wax crayon art work pieces? Well that was my inspiration for this page. It's not exactly filled the entire page but it seemed like the most appropriate page to use, I love the mixture of colours and although I wish it had turned out better I'm still impressed with my first go! 
I actually did this page pretty much straight away using bit of the crayon and a few other paint products. I want to add more to this as my last one was pretty boring, I'm hoping to slowly add and throw more at this page because to be honest it's really fun seeing where and how it'll land on the page. 
(I'm yet to tear the pages up…oops) But I wanted to add cute little doodles on this page and it was actually the first page I did, I got a little obsessed with lines and triangles on this page and when I tried to draw something else another line would usually be involved. My creativity is amazing, clearly! ..I should really rip up the pages soon, but maybe I'll leave that until a destructive/angry kind of day.  
I really can't wait to complete this page, I want to over time collect as many stickers as possible and over lap them with each other. So this may take the longest time compared to the rest because I've not seen or used stickers in a year long time, or I guess the poundland or home bargains would be filled with them, hopefully! 

Creativity has hit me the last few days specially while I'm ill which means that I'll have lots more pages filled out to show you all over the next few weeks!



  1. Aw, those pages look lovely. Wish I were creative enough for these. The sticky things page is coming along really well. <3

    Popping Pout

  2. I need to find and carry on with my book!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. This is AMAZING, it looks really awesome xx

  4. I really wanted to get one of these but still haven't always seen loads of creative things on instagram to do with the wreck it journal <3


  5. This is so creative, I must buy myself one! love it :)x

  6. all these are fab but i really love how you've done the 'color this entire page' page! i still haven't got round to starting mine :( x

  7. The tear it up page is just to pretty to rip! haha.
    I really enjoy watching you progress through the book.

    ~ K


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