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it's been a while since I've caught you up on my life and for that, I'm sorry! 
Life's been completely crazy lately, and while I should be writing as much as I can on my dissertation, today is the first time in ages I've lacked motivation and done f-all!…which I feel guilty about but ah well. 

Though admittedly I should've spent more time in the library throughout March than I probably did, I still managed a few hundred dissertation words & an assignment in between birthday shopping & celebrations. At the beginning of the month myself and my dance school preformed a dance number at the Majors show around my local area, we've never had this chance before & I always love days with my dance school. We practiced for weeks, panicked all day and the less than 5 minutes on stage went amazing!? And with our next dance show only 12 days away, I hope we have the same good luck!
A couple of weeks ago, one of my best friends, her boyfriend and his family spent the afternoon in Birmingham city centre celebrating St. Patricks day (post). After watching the parade we sat watching live music while I drank a Jameson whiskey (my dad was so proud), it really was a truly great day!

The end of the month was heavily birthday focused, my own and toms…which after all my latest posts you probably knew about hehe. The friday before I had all my friends round for drinks before heading into town to have the cheesiest night at Reflex, which was the best night I've had in a while and I'm so happy to spend my birthday with the people I did. On my actual birthday I was completely spoilt by friends and family and of course I shared everything with you all, here! Then spent the afternoon with a house filled with family and some of my closest friends, which again was great…until I become so filled with cold I just wanted to curl up in bed and watch disney!?

The rest of the month involves lots of cake and drinking tea out of all my new mugs…all that I love!? I also got Tom to watch Frozen & Finding Nemo (which was a big achievement, hehe), I also met S Club '3' last month, Paul, Jo & Bradley which was a childhood dream come true, specially since Paul was one of my childhood crushes, ahhh!? The final thing last month was lots of sewing with my cute little sewing set as I have a dance show next Saturday, so lots of sewing of sequins…but the outcome should be pretty!!


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