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With my birthday a month ago now, I was given a bit of money to treat myself. 
Being a poor student I haven't been ready to part with £15 for lipsticks so I knew that it was time to splurge a little…and when I couldn't decide on one lipstick I brought myself two (which normally I'd question before handing over the money) and although the colours are very similar I still have no regrets, in fact I'm excited to save up to treat myself to some more in the next few weeks, oops! 
I'd made a list of ones I wanted for my birthday with both of these on them. I've also wanted some pinky/nude colours for a while now, as I've been wearing plum colours throughout winter so it was definitely time for change.

pink plaid

I find pink plaid a lighter pink colour, perfect for a light subtle lip for the daytime (specially when I don't fancy a heavy makeup day). Most of my lipstick collection includes very dark and heavy colours, like plums and bright red…which are perfect for me but I've really wanted some lighter colours and this was is perfect, the right amount of pink so I don't feel too girly.

please me

Please me is a much more nude colour, with pink tones this lipstick is a heavy colour on my lips. Only a few shades darker than pink plaid but a great colour for making my lips noticeable (hm, does that even make sense?).

I'm absolutely addicted to MAC now, I can't wait to buy more. The colour stays on my lips for a great amount of time and the texture, smell and taste are all lovely, a little like vanilla? I become very obsessed once a lipstick has a nice smell and taste…just becomes more addictive to keep applying, agree?
Now the addiction has started I'd love to have some suggestions on my next mac purchase...



  1. I adore Pink Plaid and now I want Please Me - brill post :)

  2. Gorgeous colours and they both really suit you :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. I love Pink Plaid - it was my first MAC lipstick and I received it as a present. Since then I've got Russian Red too. Both are reviewed on my blog if you fancy a look?

    Please Me looks lush though. Will swatch that next time I get to a MAC counter. Great post!

    Jaq @

  4. Lovely shades! I'm also a huge fan of MAC lipsticks and can't wait to get more. Let me know which ones you get next :)

    Style Sunrise

    :) x

  5. Can't beat a mac lipstick haul! I don't have either of these shades, they look great on you. I think my favourite of the two is please me :)
    Love Kate xx


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