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I'm probably not one to talk as I spent my first two years at university super unorganised, but as it's my final year I've tried my hardest to stay on track and after a few difficult months, talking to the university counsellor and almost failing I've spent practically everyday since semester one started in the library! So as I know most of you are either in college or university I thought I'd try and share some tips and experiences with you all.

staying organised
Get yourself a yearly diary, choose the prettiest one in the shop as you'll be using it all year round (getting stationary is the most exciting thing about education I think). I tend to get mine mid year, so it kind of follows the adacdemic year! Now I've got my diary each day I set myself a 'to-do' list, and hopefully by the end of my day in the library I've completed a few things...though sometimes I over estimate how much I'll get done, but at least I've tried, right?

email for help
I was terrible at this and still I struggle to email, but when I'm in desperate need I email lecturers with a list of questions and go for meetings...well technically I only really do this when I'm working with friends and they drag me to the lecturers door...but learn from my mistakes they don't actually mind when you ask for help! 

be on campus as long as possible
Even if you think it's stupid or you won't need the lecture, attend it anyway. Another of my mistakes was actually skipping lectures and just taking notes online, attending does actually help! Also I spend at least 5 hours in the library at the moment, even if I'm not getting work done, I'm close to my friends to help, the books are all handy and I don't feel as guilty as the days I try and do work from home. So even when I've only managed 500 words I still feel it's enough. 

take a rest day
Every wednesday for the last 2 years I've had the day off and definitely during final year I've spent everyday in the library but made plans on wednesday...usually with my boyfriend, where we've either gone shopping or been lazy. It's great to have a mid-week break and I do anything but think about doing work. It also gives me something to look forward to during my monday mornings.

Recently in my attempt at getting back into doing my assignments (being ill really unmotivated me) I created a monthly template for my final few months until my degree is over, I filled in on my computer my 'to do list' giving myself a few jobs and hundred words to complete on a certain day, coloured coordinating things too, specially with March I already know my basic social calendar, deadlines, meetings and lecture times so I've added them in different colours. So far so good, so I'm offering you lovelies the templates I made for April & May…I hope they help you! 

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  1. this is a wonderful blog post. I went to uni in Sheffield and graduated last year. What students don't realise is that this final part of education is one of the best you'll ever ever experience in your whole life. Although you'll be slumped in work and it seems like you can't catch your breath, embrace it. Uni is absolutely fantastic and even more so when you feel organised. My room was an absolute bloody mess and it affected the way I got up in the morning. I feel that if read more blog posts like yours at uni, I'd feel encouraged to tidy up my act and organise myself. You feel so much better for it too. One tip I will give you, is that try not to study past 8pm. I used to stay in the library until 1/2am sometimes, and I'd pay for it the next day. What my mom told me is that sleep is more important than cramming in a few extra hours. You might think you're being productive, but theres a certain time to just stop, think, breathe, and sleep. It's good you're giving yourself space on Wednesdays. that actually going to help you relax more and you can then go back into your work in tip top shape. Good luck with final year - I'm bloody jealous! and I want to go baaaack. :)

  2. I definitely agree on not working 24/7, you need some breaks, I would definitely schedule in some time each day so that you have something to really look forward to each day. Also, eat well and try and get out and get some fresh air every day, going out for a walk will help take your mind off work a bit.


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