Basic; everyday make-up look.


I always plan to and usually fail at attempting new make-up looks, but I have more than one 'everyday' make-up look, depending on where I'm going, how I'm feeling etc. So over the next few posts I hope to share them all with you, how I achieve them and the products I use. 
One of my every day looks, is my most basic look. This involves a light base of concealer and foundation, some times (but not always) I'll also fill in my eyebrows for a fuller look and complete the look with a little winged eye-liner.
This look depends on the reason I'm putting on make-up or how lazy I'm feeling. Recently I've used this look as I'm literally just heading round the corner to see my boyfriend or I'm off to see family members. Although recently even those occasions I've been wearing next to nothing make-up wise.
 I have extremely lucky skin when it comes to blemishes and need for cover up…I say that & in these photos I have so many that needed covering up!? I tend to only wear foundation to cover up my red cheeks & any areas I feel need a little cover up. Recently I've been trying to wear less foundation because, well I don't think I need so much when it comes to summer time….even if we're not seeing so much lately.

So for this look, I start with my cover up; applying my foundation with my real technique dupe brush and then using my fingers to conceal any areas that need that bit extra. Making sure it's all blended, because I don't my face to be different colours!?
I then just need to add my eye liner. Starting with my pencil and going from outer corner of my lower lash line to the center of the line (or the inner corner) dependent on the mood…I hate how my lower line seem to smudge throughout the day, so sometimes I try and forget the lower line to prevent it.
I like to try a variation of looks when it comes to my upper lid, trying thinner and thicker; or even trying bigger or none winged looks…now I'm sure you're all the same and this take several attempts and if it doesn't, I applaud you (will you come and do mine for me everyday?)
To finish off I apply two layers of mascara, them being L'oreal's Miss Manga (which I loveeee) & Maybelline Colossal Volume, both are my favourites and my go to mascaras products.

 I also spend most of my time deciding what colour lipstick to wear for the day. Today I decided on one of my new mac lipsticks, Please Me. It's a very light colour which goes perfectly for days when I want to try, without looking like I'm trying too hard.

I find this look such a time saver, for those days when I need to be out the house quick or I've distarcted myself on the computer so much I've forgotten to get ready (yes. I am that type of girl). 
I hope to post a few more looks over the next few weeks, more of my every day looks & even attempt some colourful looks with my new eyeshadow pallete, ooo! 


  1. Your skin is flawless! You can't see any blemishes at all in these photos. I absolutely love that collection eyeliner, use it everyday and will continue to until they stop making it! xx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

    1. oh thankyou! Oh yes I think I've used for the last year (maybe longer) and it's great…both pencil and pen :)

      -sarah xo

  2. you look absolutely stunning! (: Lovely blog as well!
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  3. This is such a lovely make-up look - so simple but so pretty. Your skin looks radiant - I can't see any blemishes at all in these photos. You also have really nice eyebrows (I feel like such a weirdo for mentioning them, but you do!).


    1. aw thank youuuu :)
      hehe thanks, my eyebrows look a mess here though haha

      -sarah xo

  4. Such a simple and pretty look :) Danielle xx


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