festival wish-list


I must admit I've never been to a festival and sadly I'm not going to one anytime soon. 
But the season is upon us and because I'm missing out on the festival fun I thought id share a wish list with you! 

// kimono // floral shorts // backpack // playsuit // wellies // 
// pink cami // daisy necklace // hat // polaroid camera // 

I'm obsessed with prints lately, most items I've brought lately have either been colourful prints or bold/block colours, both of which are clear on this wish list. Though I've not been to a festival I'm always surprised when I see pictures as to how girls manage to always look amazing even when camping out for a few days, I'm sure if I finally got round to going to one my pictures would show myself and my outfits looks terrible...I honestly think id pack a bag of pretty clothes and live in my baggy hoodie all weekend instead (yes, I'm that type of person).
Saying all this, I still want to rock the short and wellie combo, with messy hair hidden by a summery hat, with my backpack looking after my Polaroid camera...a girl can dream right?
But yes this is definitely how id want to look on the weekend when I actually manage to find some friends willing (and we can all afford) to camp out, listening to our favourite bands & getting drunk in a muddy field alllll weekend...which festival this would be isn't clear yet, as myself and my friends music taste varies so much, though id love to go to reading & Leeds fest.

Are you attending any festivals this year?
What're you outfit options?
And who are you looking forward to watching perform the most?



  1. ahhhh I love festival fashion! you should get yourself to one, I'm going to Download Festival in June so I've been collecting my fashion choices together :)

    hannah xo


    p.s. there's not long left to enter my MAC and models own giveaway

  2. I adore all of these items! I've never been to a proper festival either :( I really wanted to go to download and Leeds/Reading this year but my bank account wouldn't be too happy if I did :(
    This backpack is a beauty <3

  3. love the backpack! so cute. i've been after one like that for going on adventures. i went to v fest a couple of years ago - rained all weekend! - which was great, but haven't been to one since. hopefully will go again one day!
    charl x

  4. I really want to go to a festival! The polaroid is also on my wish list!

  5. I've not got a single festival booked this year which is unheard of for me! I'm going to really miss the festival clothes shopping. Love that backpack.
    Faye | freckles-and-all.com


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