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Ah monthly favourites, I love reading these posts yet rarely post myself. 
But in an effort to put my butt in gear when it comes to my blog, well it's the perfect opportunity…plus this month I've been loving a fair few items/products. 

The last few months have flown by and it's crazy to think it's the end of May, 
but it's been an exciting and scary month…so I'm glad it's over, hehe. 
I have a little collective of favourites this month, mainly beauty obviously. 
I had a good ol' browse in Superdrug at the end of April and came home with a selection of MUA & Collection products, post here. My favourites from this shopping trip have been these three products, teal// 'leapfrog' nail varnish, eye shadow pencil and eye brow kit. With each product costing less than £3 you can't really go wrong. 
I'm loving lighter colours throughout spring and summer, and I was addicted to this colour because it seems a little deeper shade compared to most and I really like wearing it lately, which say a lot as I struggle to wear nail varnish all the time. 
The Colour Blast eyeshadow pencil has been another favourite go to of mine lately, using it at most occasions as I've been too lazy lately to apply eye make up on, so having a pencil that adds the same effect as eyeshadow is the pencil thing for an easy look. 
I have thick enough eyebrows as it is, and realistically I could get away without applying anything to them. But applying some onto my brow line gives my brows a thicker effect, which personally I perfect for those days and night when I want to look my best. I think this kit cost £2.50 which comes with three different shades, a gel to keep in place and a little brush and set of tweezers, which is pretty handy really. 
A rather random favourite for this month is my watch. My favourite watch really, which was my nans given to me on my 18th birthday. Which I hardly taken off since, sadly over the last few years the clasp becomes loose every so often and I've almost lost in, thankfully I've found it before anything too upsetting happens but I've decided it's time to place this beauty away and only wear on special occasions. Because constantly holding/checking my wrist whenever I'm out the house is getting tiring. 

My other two random favourites being my sunglasses & my iPhone! I recently purchased these sunglasses from Primark for £1, sadly I don't get to wear them all the time as I have to wear my normal glasses to see what I'm doing. When I know it'll be sunny and I'm going out for the day, these are perfect to take around with me. Though I should probably purchase prescription glasses for summer time. My iPhone makes it to my favourite because after two month with a terrible phone, I have my baby back. I went on contract with a Sony phone and was horribly disappointed with the outcome of the phone, so I went back to O2 and got myself a new iPhone 5c instead, oh it's true what they say once you have an iPhone, theres no comparison with others. 
I'm OBSESSED with Marc Jacobs, and I have been for over a year now. I was given a set of little sample bottles for Christmas and I've been popping them in my bag to travel around with me for whenever I need to top up of my perfume. 
There so handy to have with me and I've been using them non-stop lately, mainly because I'd forgotten about them for a while & the smell is perfect for this time of year, very summery and oo pretty! 
*perfect description their sarah, dowww*
And finally my Mac products, I got these in April buying two lipsticks of similar colours (Please Me & Pink Plaid) so these have been perfect to wear now it's more summery, I prefer lighter colours during summer time, as it gives a much softer look. 

I hope you liked my favourites and I hope to do more in the future. 
What's been your favourite items lately? 


  1. Those MUA Colour Blasts are so great, also love that MAC lipstick shade!

    CassandraMyee | Beauty | Fashion | Life

    1. Aren't they!! I bought another colour yesterday…may just end up with the collection of colours.
      I'm also getting too obsessed with MAC lipsticks atm too!

      -sarah xo

  2. Neeeeed Daisy and that lipstick in my life!

    Stone Fox INC

    1. Ahhh you do! I need more of marc jacobs & alll the mac lipsticks hehe

      -sarah xo


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