my three years at university!


20th May. 12 noon…my final deadline (and I handed in early). 
Whether or not I've passed my assignments they're over and I couldn't be happier. This now means I'm a fully fledged adult, and it's time to enter the real world (which creeps me out) but the last three years have been the toughest for me, academically! 
It's a sad moment to think what I've struggled with the last few years, to finish university with some life long friends who I've only known in my final year! Though I've had Ellie & Ant by my side from day one (hiii ellie hehe). 
I think I'm going to miss my bus journeys, struggling to find a seat, a starbucks two steps away and assignments to write…I mean I've hated everything about my university (except the starbucks) until now but knowing I don't have to set foot there again is sad, I've been in education since I was 4 years old and now I'm finished, a degree (hopefully) under my belt! But I'll no long have to write 3000 word assignments for weeks on end! Instead I'm going to have to apply for jobs, talk to people and pretend I know what I'm doing…when in fact I probably know nothing!
I've wanted nothing more than to be seen as a grown up since I was 14 but theres a reason that hasn't happened yet and that's because I've never been ready, something's always held me back and in this case theres nothing. I'm being pushed into the big wide world and I'll do anything to curl back into bed and let the day pass.



  1. Congratulations! Don't worry about having to become a grown up just yet though, i graduated 2 years ago and I still haven't got there yet x

  2. aww congrats! I hope you do get the degree + good luck for the future! Can't wait to see how your blog evolves too :) x

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita

  3. Congratulations! It is an amazing feeling being done with all uni work! & hey maybe the future will involve some mistakes along the way but that is the whole process of being a grown-up!

  4. I'm in the exact same shoes as you! I handed in my last assignment on May 15th so I know exactly how you feel. I too, don't feel ready to enter the 'real world' just yet! x

    Sinead |


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