5 things I love this week.


I've spotted this on a couple of blogs, people describing the things that make them happy in their week. And while I'm starting to feel lethargic and run down due to a variety of aspects of my life, and my constant 'negativity' (as I'm always told), I thought what better way to perk myself up then remembering the things that are keeping my going.

1//my blog.

Since finishing my degree I've concentrated purely on blog content., trialing new posts and ideas that are slightly different to what I've written before. This includes the make-up looks I've been posting and taking part in the summer blogger challenge, which is proving to be great fun!
I'm also about to take the plunge into attempting outfit posts, as I've bought one too many clothing items recently and I have lots of potential outfits to shares.

2// youtube. 

Did you know I'm obsessed with youtube? Well, unless you follow my twitter you probably had no clue and I'm sure up until these last couple of weeks my parents & boyfriend has no real idea either. I've been subscribed to many of the youtube for a variety of years, some since they started and only just discovering some recently…but I'm addicted to them all the same. Having my own little bed-time routine which includes climbing into bed and catching up on any latest uploads. A little favourite of mine for a couple of months now, and right now I seem to climb into bed and check for any Shaytard vlogs before anyone else, because Shay & Colette are inspiring people & the children as just adorable (and I don't say that about children too often).
This week I've been tempted and considered starting youtube more than other time in my life, and I've been tempted before I even started my blog, so keep an eye out as my first video may be uploaded soon.

3// my photography.

If you know me personally or have been reading my blog for a while you'll probably know how much I love photography. If I could expand my love and turn it into a career I'd jump at the chance (I probably need a bit more practice, but a girl can dream). Lately I've only taken photos for my blog, mainly of the products that relate to posts. I've only been out a few times with my camera for some inspiration, taking it with my to Alton Towers, the zoo & recently the Sea Life Centre. Sadly I've come back with very few shots I loved, but a few days ago I picked up my camera for some blog photographs and started taking some things around the garden and it completely lifted what I called a photography funk.
I finally sorted through my recent shots, edited and uploaded them onto my Flickr account. I've already started pestering my dad for days out so we can get some more done.

I've begun feeling really anxious at the thought of applying for jobs and unsure of the career path I want to take, so feeling this love again has given me a slightly direction!

4// fitness. 

I've been going to the gym for a while now and recently cut down my meals and snacks and doing more exercise.
I try this often and after a few weeks hit a down fall, and although it's only been a few weeks this time round…I'm feeling positive. Specially this week, I'm still feeling achey from an aerobics class & my weekend dance lesson and I'm actually finding it easier to resist foods. All those feelings are keeping me positive I can actually manage it this time.

5// tv shows.

Every couple of weeks I like to find a new tv series to watch from season 1, and this time round I've decided to watch 2 broke girls and I'm instantly hooked!? While I spend my evenings at my boyfriends house, I steal his laptop for a few hours, open up BlogLovin' read up on the days blog posts while watching at least 5 episodes a night. So you can tell in a few days I've almost completed season 1…but I always finding out about new series to watch, so any suggestions just let me know!

Hope you enjoyed this little post.


  1. Love this! Ive also loved your blog this week :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  2. Oh I'm absolutely useless at photography and I feel its definitely an area where my blog lacks! I don't have a DSLR, but I have a good quality digital camera, yet I still can't take good shots! If you ever want to do a post on blogging photography tips I am all ears haha!! :)



  3. Ah I love posts like this! I have a youtube obsession as well, and I have the same routine of watching them before I sleep!

    The Velvet Black // UK
    Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Like round up post like this. I dont dare start watching you tube as I would never stop.I love you blog and the design is so pretty, Have just followed on bloglovin, cant wait to read more.

    Gaby x


  5. oh that's good to hear! It's such a confidence boost when you feel encouraged with you blog & you get that little bit more views because of it!
    Ah so I'm not the only one. I'm always finding ways to watch youtube, usually going into my own little world and forgetting I'm sat in a room full of people, oops!

    -sarah xo

  6. Oh thank you Sian :D
    ..same goes, I'm loving your posts!!

    -sarah xo

  7. Oh that's a great post idea, I'll definitely look into writing something up if you feel it could help :)

    -sarah xo

  8. Thanks!
    Ah no way! I love hearing that other people do similar things to me, makes me feel normal haha

    -sarah xo

  9. haha that's exactly what's happened with me, completely obsessed now!
    Oh thank you so much, that's so sweet!

    -sarah xo

  10. Sarah Campbell3 May 2015 at 13:03

    I feel like we're on the same wave length in this post! I've been loving my blog lately and getting myself into a routine that fits nicely in with work and other commitments, I'm loving putting posts together and trying to come up some ideas that are less like what's usually on my blog. I've seen a great rise in traffic too that's really given me a confidence boost!

    And as for YouTube? Oh I feel your obsession, I pretty much always have it on on the tablet whilst I'm working away on the desktop! I love the Shaytards and the Saccone-Joly's for family style vlogs, the kids are adorable!

    Sarah :)

    Saloca in


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