Basic; A little makeup can cheer anyone up.


Have you ever had one of those days when you've woken up in a terrible mood? 
Not grumpy, not argumentative, just miserable? Well that's how I woke up this morning, I distracted myself for a few hours with a bit of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Hollyoaks. Tried and failed at writing a few blog posts before deciding to put on a little makeup, an attempt at a pick up me and that's exactly what it did! 
I've not long bought lots of new makeup, a haul here & another coming soon! 
And for a girl with a lot of time on her hands at the moment and well I like playing with my new toys. And those 'new toys' being practically a whole new make-up bag. New primer, foundation, concealer, lipsticks and eyeshadows, along with my old trusty friends my eyeliner and mascaras!? 
 I always love a thick eyeliner look, so today was no exception. The amount of attempts it takes for identical eyes, I tried at least 6 times! I gave up with a full flick and settled for a much more relaxed look. With a little pencil eyeliner on my lower lid and under my upper too, I feel it gives much more depth to my overall look, anyone else? I added a little eyeshadow, which is a little hidden is these photos, so realistically they weren't needed. But it adds a little colour.
If you've read my makeup posts before, you'd probably know mascara is my favourite makeup product.  The item I'd be lost without, just because it makes my lashes look twice as long and much fuller. I tend to apply more than one layer of mascara, and at the moment my favourite mascaras are the Soap & Glory 'Thick & Fast' and L'Oreal's 'Miss Manga', I'm resisting so much to buy more mascara lately, but for my birthday in March my uncle (well, my mom for my uncle) bought me a few of the Miss Manga mascaras after I told my mom how much I need them!? 
I've seen so many YouTubers & bloggers wearing red lipstick lately. 
Being as I just bought a new red lipstick, well it was the perfect chance to use it. I love the look of dark eyes and a bright red lip!…which is what I was trying to pull off. 
This lipstick is 'Reckless' from Makeup Revolution, which after today I've really fallen in love with. A thick/fuller lipstick, which doesn't need too many application for full effect, with a pinker tone and little shimmer yet applies just like a lipstick feel rather than glossy which you may know I dislike…With the lipstick only being £1 (& my previous £1 lipsticks being disappointing) I'm really excited that these actually resemble lipsticks and look a little more expensive than they are. 
Initially putting on this make-up was an attempt to cheer myself up, and as you can tell from my cheeky photos, that's exactly what it did! I did a little change up with my hair while I was in front of my mirror too, creating a slight side fringe effect to my full fringe and adding loose curls to my hair…which I thought added to my overall 'cheer up' look, creating a very retro 1950's look. 

I then had a little photo shoot in my bedroom, because that's how I end up spending my afternoons and now I'm considering a nap, such a exciting life I lead. 
I hope you enjoyed my make-up look, if you'd like me to write any reviews on my new make-up choices, please let me know. 


  1. You look lovely :)! I really like that red lipstick too & for a £1 what a bargain!!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  2. Thank you!
    I know right, I'm obsessing over make-up revolution lipsticks at the moment, my favourites aha

    -sarah xo

  3. It's strange to think that it can have that effect, but perked me right out of my little mood!
    Oh thank you so much :)

    -sarah xo

  4. Oh thank you!
    I have attempted this look several times & it's not always turned out so well, so thank you :))

    -sarah xo

  5. I love this makeup! I always feel like when I'm doing makeup like this I end up looking like I have bad eyeliner on. Yours is a perfect combination between girly/classy and edgy :)

  6. It's actually pretty hard to pull off :)

  7. I agree, putting makeup on makes you feel instantly better! I love your skin, it's so flawless! x

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog


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