My June Blog Roll


I've had blog buttons on my blog for a few months now and swapping with other bloggers.
I've now decided to make this a monthly thing, choosing different bloggers to advertise each month.

- Dainty Ghosts - Kemples - Uggynog - 
- The Feminine Crusade - Rebecca Alice -


These blogs are new and old (to me anyway), I've been reading Dainty Ghosts, Kemples & Uggynog for a while, and I'm new to reading The Feminine Crusade & Rebecca Alice. 
Throughout June & obviously the rest of the year I'll continue to read through these blogs & enjoy the post they upload for myself and others to read…so everyone go check them out :))

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  1. What a cute post :) I may have to pinch this idea and make it a monthly thing ;)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty


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