My Last Few Shopping Trips - A Collective Haul


Today's post is a little collective haul! Since finishing university, I've made every excuse to put off job searching & gone shopping instead…I really should be shouted at for that!? 
I have items I've bought from several shopping trips & haven't yet had the chance to show you all. 
A few things were bought while out at my first bloggers meet up (post here), a few more things from a shopping trip after my first bare minerals experience (post soon!) & my latest trip was a 'I'm feeling sorry for myself, so I'm buying lots of things' kind of day…which, well I had a valid excuse & no one could stop me.
The first clothing item I've picked up in a long time was this turquoise blue crop top! While at my first blogger meet myself and Sam went off for a bit of shopping, both falling in love with this top and what felt like a bargain at £7. I haven't worn crop tops in a while but I loved the colour & thought if it doesn't look right being worn as a crop top, well I can match it with a skater skirt…or something. 
The next day I went into town again with a friend for The Beauty Project in Selfridges, after I had a makeover at Bare Minerals we went for a little search around town, obviously making our way into Harper & Lewis, which at the time had a sale on so we picked up a few things! 
The last time we went I picked up a UCLA t-shirt which I love, so it just made sense that I picked up the Las Vegas t-shirt…and if you know me pretty well, I'm obsessed with america, so anything american related well I sometimes buy without reason, oops. 
I also found this adorable over-sized shirt amongst the sale, slightly stealing from Ellie (which I'm sorry about, hehe) but for £10 I couldn't say no! I feel like my wardrobe lacks in the 'one off' quirky vintage clothing, as much as I try and find these items. So this is now that item. A few years ago I purchased Taylor Swift 'Wonderstruck' and I was in love. I've had perfumes since which I also love, but this is a summer scent and with my others running out, I couldn't resist this smell. It's such a sweet smell and quiet long lasting compared to most girls perfumes...because, well girls perfume seems to last 5 minutes and as soon as your in public, the smells disappear, just me? I'd love to try the others in the Taylor Swift perfume range, but for now this is my go to and definitely my favourite! I also picked up a few essentials, my base makeup! It seems I'd ran out of concealer and foundation all in the same week, so I went bare faced for a few days before I went shopping. I've never used a primer before and after hearing it covers pores and helps for makeup to last all day, I wanted to give it a try! Specially since my base makeup seems to leave my face as soon as it's applied. So far so good with all these products, I've had the foundation before, so it's great to bring back a product I've used before, the primer is definitely going well for me...though I wish it helped my makeup be a little longer lasting! And finally the concealer, weirdly I'm in love! It's such good coverage. During my 'feeling sorry for myself' shopping trip, we headed to Primark. With a little look of disappointment from Tom I headed towards the shoes, with my heart set on getting some jelly shoes, and when my eyes met these blue shoes and I saw they were only £6, well there was no way I was going to resist! ...and yes I call these my mermaid shoes, and wouldn't you agree? While looking at the shoes I came across these gorgeous heels! I haven't bought any new heels in a while, and these standard, strappy heels caught my attention and without second thought after seeing the price being £14 they were in my basket.They feel very sophisticated, the platform and the heel aren't too high either but still give me some added height! I can't wait to find the perfect opportunity to wear these. The main reason I wanted to go to Primark was for these boyfriend tees! I saw these on another bloggers haul recently and I wanted some for myself! I enjoy having clothing which I find comfortable, and can make into a cute outfit without trying and stripes seem perfect for that! And at £3.50 well then more reason to!

As you can see I picked up one too many things which I probably shouldn't of but oh well the damage is now done, right?
I'd love to do a few outfit posts and make-up reviews in the next few weeks, but we'll see how it goes.


  1. Great purchases! I have the white striped primark tee, might have to go back and get the other one :)


  2. Adore those shoes! My boyfriend HATES them but I really want some!! haha.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. ooo I love this haul!

  4. I love the black heels allot! I should look for a similar pair!

  5. Love those black heels! I've been wanting something with a chunkier heel

    CassandraMyee | Beauty | Fashion | Life


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