#SummerBloggerChallenge; Fit For Summer.


So this weeks summer challenge is about getting fit for summer, and I thought it would be appropriate to share my last holiday photo. This summer/holiday was the time I was happiest with my body, but this was also the year I managed to loose weight without even trying so getting back to this is taking some work this time round. 
(my last holiday, 3 years ago, happiest I've been with my body) 

A first I wondered what direction I could take this post, as I don't have a summer routine when it comes to fitness I just try what I'm comfortable with. But over the past few weeks I've started more sessions in the gym, attending classes & slightly changed my diet. While I'm only a couple of weeks into this I'm already starting to notice a difference.

I've always been a lazy-bum when it's come to my fitness. 
For the last 7 months I've had a student membership for one of my local gyms, attempting up to two sessions a week, which for a long time I could manage but even at the time noticed no difference & cut it back down to one, due to little motivation. But recently I've started back at an aerobics class that my dance teacher runs on a tuesday evening, which leaves me aching for days…but she manages to fit so much and focuses on all fitness routines & body areas within one hour. (I have a class tonight, so I'll be struggling to walk tomorrow). On friday mornings I have a half an hour walk to my gym, have an hour long session before walking back home again. And every saturday I have my hour long dance lessons. 

You may or may not know this about me, but I'm an extremely fussy eater. 
Only liking a handful of foods, which doesn't include fruit or veg, (you can be disappointed all you want, I've heard all the remarks before). So starting any diet is an uncomfortable thought for me, because, well I'd probably end up just starving myself…and no-one wants that!So I've started eating the foods I like but in moderation, eating my 3 meals a day, cutting out take-aways and saying no to any snacks, which so far so good! Something which I never thought would happen through this is I've actually cut down the size of my meals too, which I can tell is helping me. 

I can't really say much else about my 'fit for summer' but this is the approach I'm taking, it may not be to everyones personal agreement…but it's working for me! I'd love to notice a change by the end of summer and continue this fitness & diet routine until next summer. 
But like everyone else I'm sure I'll have days where I slip up on the foods I eat & miss one of my gym sessions within a week, but it's the fact that I keep trying and taking those breaks if needed, that are helping me. 
Another thing that's helping recently is Beth from Beauty In Beta, who's created a twitter hashtag &  chat called 'HealthySelves' to allow bloggers to come together and help each other out. Yesterday was the first chat where people discussed points about psychically and mental health, which I found very beneficial, so if you're ever in need of some encouragement with your psychical health or need support with mental health issues, join the hashtag & chat, because everyone's so welcoming & supportive! Yesterday I found so much help & today feel so much better because of it!


  1. Sarah Campbell24 June 2014 at 17:17

    I'm really trying to get back into shape this summer so I'm going to Zumba once a week for an hour and I'm doing 20-40mins of yoga 4-5 days a week too! Food wise I eat pretty well and I drink water or green tea 99% of the time so I think I'm doing alrite there! I just need to get off my ass more!

    Sarah :)

    Saloca in

  2. Good luck lady! It's all about doing what is comfortable for you and by doing that it is a lot easier to stay with it because you don't end up running your body down! And it sounds like you have a good planned routine to make sure you are doing so:) I always try to make it fun if I can! Sometimes I even turn on a 45 minute episode on Netflix to make my time on the treadmill or elliptical fly by! A fun class I've taken (but also challenging) is fitness Pilates. If they have it by you def check it out! Hope your having a great Tuesday!

  3. Sounds great! Good luck and thanks for the #healthyselves shoutout! :) xx

  4. This is a great post! I am trying to get fit this summer and have changed my diet so it is a lot healthier. Good luck with yours :) x


  5. I've spent the past 3 years trying to get fit for summer, but I always seem to go crawling back to my bed and the ice cream. haha. This summer I'm determined to try harder, although as it's already summer I guess It's more a get fit for autumn now!

    I recently blogged about exercise for beginners, you might be interested in having a read about it here. I'm also really looking forward to the #healthyselves chats on twitter as I only found out about them today! :)

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine


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