#100happydays - Days 11 - 20.


Happy Monday all! 
I've been meaning to write this post for a couple of days now, however will small things getting in my way..today's the day I finally get round to completing draft posts (& replying to emails, hopefully). 
I think I actually started my 100 Happy Days Project over a month ago now, well over a month actually. But with either having completely boring days or just forgetting to post, my 100 days are dragging out a little further, so heres my days 11-20. 

//day eleven// 
Day eleven of my 100 happy days was a make-up appreciation post, I'd had a really tough day on this day and after a day of cheering up from Tom (which always works) I came home to a parcel from make-up revolution…As already said I'm a little behind on my post & I've not been posting daily, so this happened a few weeks ago now, I've already posted a haul (here) and I've completely fallen in love.

//day twelve//
Pretty little liars is back and I've been hooked. Day twelve was the first day season 5 was back on screens, so obviously I had to find a way of watching the latest episodes. I tried to watch PLL when it first came out a few years ago & struggled to fall in love, but last summer I needed a new tv series and this was my choice and I haven't looked back. Plus I'm in love with Ezra Fitz, yep!

//day thirteen//
A little throwback thursday post went to one of my best friends. I've made several close friends in different social circles over the years and this is my friend I've had since I was little. She knows me inside & out, thinks I'm slightly mental but still sticks by my side, and always knows how to pick me back up when I'm moping over silly things (ekk love ya han xo).

//day fourteen//
Again this day was another make-up appreciation post. I was having a 'feeling sorry for myself' kind of day, I'd recently purchased some new make-up…so I thought what better way to cheer myself up, than to have a play with my new make-up and it's exactly what happened. I'd cheered myself up so much, I even turned the look into a blog post (here).

//day fifteen//
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may know my interest in photography!? A few weeks ago now actually I was taking some blog photos and once I'd ran out of photos to take, I found my cat looking extremely adorable & sometimes he's a right little poser so I took advantage of this and got some beautiful photos of him, some which I'd like to possible print to canvas….if only I could get photos of my dog & print them both off.

//day sixteen//
While in my photography buzz, my dad had planned to watch his old rugby team play at their new grounds. Taking advantage of this I tagged along, spending the afternoon in the sun attempting to get some good 'sport' shots….I also love candid photography & if I could go into that direction for a career I would, so getting this practice in felt perfect for me.

//day seventeen//
One of my life-long friends turned 19 two weeks ago now, and to celebrate myself and two other friends went of a day trip with her to dudley zoo, it was the perfect weather, a monday afternoon which meant it was nice and quiet and we got a great view of all the animals. We spent almost an hour watching the penguins, sat around the castle ruins and got super close to two tigers (I even got a selfie with one). To end the warm day we all sat down with either an ice lolly or a slush drink…of course the inner child in me needed a mixed flavoured slush drinks (you seriously wouldn't believe I'm 21 years old sometimes).

//day eighteen//
Last weekend I got the chance to see another best friend…she's recently been away for army training & she was back home for a weekend, taking full advantage of these few days I grabbed some time with her, and we did what we do best…spending hours in costa, drinking multiple drinks (hot & cold) and this time have a few foodie treats. I caught her up on all the goings on that she'd missed back home & she told me all about her experiences being away. Although it was only a few hours, spending this time with her put a smile on my face & talking to her about everything was exactly what I needed…another 7 weeks & she's home for a short while again, yayay!

//day nineteen// 
A little section in my bedroom that I find strangely comforting. Maybe it's the little momentos (one of my dance trophies, 21st presents), the selection of photos including some amazing memories & people (my boyfriend, tom & my university friends) and my selection of candles. Lighting my candles after a long day and seeing all these pretty little things never fails to make me smile, keep me going in some ways.

//day twenty// 
Day 20, was a day with more best friends! Myself and a few friends bought tickets to the Holi One festival (colour festival)! Getting covered in colours, drenched in the rain & having a dance around on a saturday afternoon was extremely entertaining…but I published my post this weekend so you can read more about it, here.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got up to over the past few weeks, my life is definitely very slow within adventure & a lacking social life at the moment, but I'd like to think I make the most of the few things I've been getting up to…I'm definitely enjoying myself anyway!

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