#100happydays - Days 21-30.


Another happy days post, and not too long after the last. (see days 1-10 & 11-20)
It's been a good couple of weeks, lazy days here and there with other exciting goings on in between. 
Along with a few different food and drinks items to perk me up too!

//day twenty-one//
Last month I attend my first bloggers meet up & I picked up my first few Lush items. I've been using most of the products since the day I brought them, however due to only have a walk in shower at home I needed somewhere to use my bath bomb. With everyone out I had myself a 'pamper' kind of day at Tom house and well it was perfect!

//day twenty-two// 
After my afternoon of pampering, well the reason for my afternoon of pampering was because my brother has completed college & they had a presentation/graduation in honour of the level 3 students. We sat through a few hours before seeing him on stage, in which he was on stage for less than a minute, but all in all a nice evening with my family to celebrate my brothers achievement.

//day twenty-three// 
The following day I finally got to see two of my closest friends from college, have a few drinks (2 pitcher cocktails, each) and a meal from whetherspoons, obviously the done thing when you go to whetherspoons is take advantage of the 2 for £12 offer and grab yourself two pitchers…well for us three it is anyway! I enjoyed the chance to catch up with them both, finding out what they're both doing now we've finish university & reminisce on our college days.

//day twenty-four// 
After going out the night before, I was spending my sunday being worse for wears, a little hungover and wanted some greasy food to perk me up. Just before arriving home and excited to tuck into my food, we had a phone call to say our dog had taken himself on a walk…okay more like legged it out the house. Thankfully only after an hour of searching & freaking out everyone I knew we finally found him thanks for a few families & the dog warden. So although it was cold and a little taste-less, I was so happy to actually eat this food.

//day twenty-five// 
I finally got to see the fault in our stars, after falling in love with the book last year I've been so excited for the release…it just took a few weeks to finally get round to watching it. I'm not sure everyone would agree with me, but I felt that the movie really justified the book. I'd happily go watch it a few more times hehe.

//day twenty-six// 
Another food trip during a quick shopping trip. Myself and Tom needed to pop to the shops one friday morning, and because I seem to take forever to get ready and we like to leave early I skipped breakfast, so once all our jobs we're done we quickly popped to a SoHo cafe for some lunch. This bacon baguette is my favourite from these cafes & I tried this lemonade and it was delicious.

//day twenty-seven//
The same evening we went for food to celebrate my parents 25th wedding anniversary. If you're from the Birmingham/Dudley area you may know 'The Crooked House', but if you don't the name kind of speaks for itself, it's a crooked house! However they've expanded the pub to incorporate a restaurant…little fancier than we're used to (much to my brothers dismay, little chef loves his fancy place), but this traditional fish and chips was amazing & I can't wait to go back for another meal!?

//day twenty-eight//
Last weekend myself and two friends from university had a little girly weekend, we watched the princess diaries, dumbo, bratz, the heat & leap year throughout our evening together. While watching all these films, we sat with each other doing separate crafty things, I had my nails painted & ate lots of chocolate, and ordered pizza & chips. I feel like I haven't had a weekend like that in such a long time, something I used to do almost weekly with my friends in high school, but it was such a lovely evening doing something girly, so much fun!?

//day twenty-nine//
Last week I had a miserable day/experience in town, sometimes I really have to push myself to leave my house & that day was another of those days…I talked myself into applying for a job & well it didn't go so well, so feeling a little anxious and disheartened I headed to primark & the bullring to do a little shopping (all the items I brought need to be taken back) but I finished my morning with a Nutella milkshake from ed's diner & trust me, it really cheered me up…and left me feeling a little sick too!

//day thirty// 
On the day of my parent's wedding anniversary was also the date of my great-granddads birthday. I spent my afternoon making some little cupcake sized flower arrangements for his grave & I got so many compliments from family members which made me feel like I did a great job for him, yipee!


  1. i love your photographs! i hope your parents had a lovely anniversary! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/07/cloud-nine-magical-repair-and-protect.html xx

  2. lovely post!
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

  3. It looks like you're doing really well with your 100 days of happy challenge! I want to get on this and be cheerful for 100 days! xxx

  4. Great post! Such a great thing to do!

    http://theperksofmeg.blogspot.com/ x

  5. Lovely post, nice to see something a little different as i have never seen these before :)

    xprincessjas | ♥

  6. I love wetherspoons drinks and I also still need to go to my first blogger meet, I think this whole concept is a lovely idea xxxx


  7. Aw congrats to your brother for graduating & your parents for their anniversary! Celebration times - woo!! And excellent choice with Princess Diaries the week before ;) I watched it last month w a friend too and it was just as excellent as I remember haha classic
    What a sweet, sweet idea for your great-granddad as well, I'm sure they were beautiful just like your family said! :) What a great week!

    Cat ♥ CACHOO JOO

  8. It was a great week indeed! Congrats to your family. Love your nails!

    Jasmine x

    For a Real Woman

    So easy Spanish!

  9. Thank you so much! oh they did, thank you!

    -sarah xo

  10. It's been taking me a while, as I either posts loads in one day or nothing for a week, oops! but I'm really enjoying the cheerful-ness

    -sarah xo

  11. Thank you! I haven't seen many post their 100 happy days on blogs either, but it's been so much fun sharing the photos & stories :)

    -sarah xo

  12. Aren't they great!? Oh when you get the chance, you should definitely give one a try, I was so scared & excited that morning, but so worth it haha

    -sarah xo

  13. Aw thank you so much!
    I forgot how good the film was, I've been wanting to watch Princess Diaries 2 since then…I may stick that on this afternoon!
    Aw thats so sweet thanks, I do hope so!

    -sarah xo


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