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This post feels like a long time coming for me, well over a month actually.
But if you read my meet up post, here. You'll know that after meeting some fabulous, yes fabulous bloggers we'd spent the afternoon shopping before heading to what we all classed as a mini event in Lush. Closing up shop & handing us girls champagne. We were well and truly looked after, this was my first time stepping foot into Lush for myself.
This post therefore is a long time coming as I wanted to have full use of each product & give you my full opinion & first impressions on these products which are so new to me.
*// vanilla dee-lite // d'fluff // buffy //*
// soft coeur // bubblegum //
The first product I picked up was this lip scrub, for years I've seen so many people use this product and I'd never got round to giving it a try myself, so I popped it into my basket knowing it would be perfect to use over summer. It smells amazing, so sweet and perfectly resembles the smell of bubblegum…I struggle to keep it on my lips, it's just a little tasty!? 
Honestly I wasn't too sure what to expect when I first tried this product, would it leave my lips feeling soft or just be another waste of money? But honestly, I love it. Applying it to my lips every couple of days have left them feelings extremely soft & refreshed specially as I've started wearing more lipsticks lately. I tend to pop it on during the day, though most of the time I apply this just before doing my make-up in the mornings or just put some on before bed time. 
Before picking up the lip scrub, I was given a massage with this massage bar & afterwards it went straight into my basket and I couldn't wait to start using it. I'm a sucker for sweet smells and I was hooked on the smell of vanilla and chocolate. I use this straight after my showers and it's so soothing and leaves me smelling great for the rest of the day. It's also perfect use for after gym aches, a little massage with the bar…though the attempt of massaging myself afterwards is always a little difficult. 
Once we'd finished for the day & we we're all preparing to leave the store the lovely people at Lush handed us all a goody bag. So these next few products are those which were given to me by the store…so thank you Lush, birmingham!? 
A product I was actually looking at in the store but didn't purchase was the D'fluff shaving soap…it took me a while to understand the name. A little giggle & face palm then happened on my part, doh! I couldn't wait to use this and it works great, though it doesn't lather as much as I'd hoped, the strawberry smell is amazing and leaves my legs feeling smooth and moisturised after shaving, which is something I always need as my skin tends to dry out afterwards. 
Another freebie product which I'm hooked on, again purely for it's smell! 
I'm an addict for lotions, after a shower or for a little body pick me up and this does just that. I have a few all with similar vanilla essences, so while this is one of many I own I'm hoping to start using it more. 
My final product was this exfoliation scrub, Buffy. This product I've probably used least, not really because I dislike the product mainly as I just forget to use it! I was told to use this during showering/bathing and well it's difficult to use in my shower (no shelf to keep it) and I simply forget to take in into my shower too! My one disappointment with this scrub is the fact is leaves me really oily! 
Some people might like that but it's not for me! 
I'm so glad I started using Lush products and I've actually got a list of more products I want to try/pick up in the next few weeks. 

All these products leave my skins feeling amazingly soft and I love how natural the products are and how they're made is too, which some how makes me feel a little less guilty about the purchase that I made. 

What're you Lush favourites? Which do you suggest I try next? 


  1. I absolutely love the bubblegum lip scrub. Great photos! x

  2. I have always wanted to go to a Lush event they look amazing and Vanilla dee lite is gorgeous xxx

  3. They all look really good! I have the Bubblegum lip scrub and I love it.

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  4. I love D'Fluff and Vanilla Dee Lite! Two of my favourite Lush products at the moment. I really like the lip scrubs but I much prefer the Popcorn scent as it's a little bit less sickly x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  5. I want d'fluff! Ive been having bad reactions to most shaving foams x

    Lizzie's Corner

  6. Lovely post, i really want to try the bubblegum lip scrub!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  7. I LOVE the bubblegum lip scrub, I use it every day, it's so tasty haha :) lovely post, your photography is beaut! Xxx

  8. Bubblegum lip scrub is just the best one, it smells AMAZING. I need to pick up soft coeur next time I go, I keep meaning to try it. I had the vanilla dee lite as well, and have been loving it! I'm normally one for thicker body butters, but this has converted me. It's so yummy. Must have a go with D'Fluff too.

    Vanessa The Other VW xxx


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