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Happy Sunday everyone! It's pretty miserable outside today, so I'm cosied up in my thick jumper getting photos taken and blog posts written, when I remembered I wanted to share this post with you all.
Not long ago I received a post comment from a reader asking for some tips with their photography, I was really thrilled to hear someone wanted my help…so after a few days of hmm's & ahh's I asked other bloggers via Twitter chat #BBLOGGERS whether they'd all like to see it too, and the amount of 'YES', '100%', etc. replies I received I couldn't wait to sit down & get something written down which I thought could help….I wouldn't say I know exactly what I'm on about, I've also taken advice from many other bloggers with similar posts and taken inspiration from their photographs. So this is my personal opinion, what I think looks best for my own blog posts and hope to help inspire others with their blog photography. 
Personally when I read blog posts I enjoy seeing the photos, full size, no shadow/borders & little background clutter. I know this is a subject of mixed feelings and opinions & whenever I've seen discussed I've wanted to share what I've learnt without offending & disheartening others (a little disclaimer, if you will). 

// Quality //
Camera quality is possibly the biggest 'argument' amongst the subject of blog photography. Although I own and use my DSLR…I don't think quality is the problem, it's finding a way of using what you have to it's highest potential. For several posts, dependent on reasons, where I am or not having my canon right next to me, I have used my standard Sony digital camera & iPhone for post photos before. (I'm a little photograph nerd, so I have many different platforms for my photography). 
All camera's have a focal point, so take the time to allow your camera to focus…rather than just point & shoot, read into your camera's settings. How can you change the focus, or if it's a touch screen (phone or camera) simply holding onto the area of the photo you want to be much clearer, helps set a focus point within that photograph. Whenever I take photos through my iPhone I'll take more than one, making sure I've touched the area I want clear, even with 5 megapixels I can capture some great quality photos. 

Something I've found useful since purchasing my DSRL, has been my ability to change exposure. Allowing me to choose how much brighter I want the photo to become, which means in almost any lighting my photo still comes out much brighter and clearer. 
(For the Canon 600D) - This exposure setting can be changed through 'menu' > 'expo.comp./AEB' My brightness is around 1.1, because of this I often leave my photos unedited as I'm happy with the image quality & brightness.

// Lighting //

Another point is finding the correct lighting, now by the afternoon the sun isn't facing my bedroom so getting the best lighting is always a little challenging. But I know right in front of my window, close to my white coloured wardrobe is probably the brightest area in my bedroom, so I always hover around my window to take my photographs, those of my make-up looks and my product ones. Although for my make-up photographs again I like to frame them, either with different placements, centering or slightly to the left/right and close up, with this I always like getting my bedroom walls in my background. Two of my walls are covered in my favourite pictures with friends and is my favourite part of my room, so I always like to find ways to include that.

// Background //
The use of your background really helps improve the images or so I believe anyway.
By this I mean finding an area or platform to take the photos, keeping the space clear from unwanted clutter. For a long time my photos were taken on my laminated bedroom floor, however I'd make sure the area was clear beforehand…either moving or taking photos so items on my bedroom floor weren't seen. My biggest annoyence in my own photos is when wires or my mess of shoes on my floor are seen in my photos, if I've missed anything out I tend to take the photo & crop the image. 

While for bigger items I'll still use my floor for images, a blogger gave me the idea to take product photos on a white background…and instead of spending un-nessacry money on a white backdrop, what I use is an old sketchbook, with many pages unused I have option for clean white pages to use for my photographs. Or if white backgrounds seem a little boring to you & you want to add more colour, other possibilities could be using patterned bedsheets, while on your bed or not, something I'm considering at the moment is looking into buying some material from the local craft store, while it'll be pretty inexpensive I can add more colour to my photographs. Alongside my background, I tend to add a little something irrelevant to my post to add more colour or filling to my photograph. For me this tends to be a candle, perfume bottles, colourful accessories or even little figurine around my bedroom. With these I just add to edge of my photos, either to fill out the photo instead of leaving a blank space & having the product on its own or even to frame the photograph. 
Depending on the product I'm taking the photo of I usually take a closer photo of the product, and having my background image creates more colour, structure & background focus while the product is clear & the main priority of the photo.

They're many other points which I've previously adapted with my photographs within my posts, all which have I taken from other bloggers & blogging tips webpages, so rather than explaining those myself, I've found out the webpages which have helped me & giving you the link.

No shadow or border - here.
En-larging photographs - here.
Photo Editor - here.

I really hope this post helps to inspire others with their photography, has allowed you to gain some tips in how to improve your photography…as I mentioned these are my ways of taking photographs, I don't think I'm professional or that these ways are but I wanted to share my thoughts in the hope to help at least one person.



  1. this is a great post thanks a lot :) id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. A great post! So glad you did it :D!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. Very informative!! I think its very hard and even after 7 months of blogging I'm still trying to get it right.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  4. This is an awesome, really helpful post! I rely on my phone solely for photos at the moment but they can be pretty good with some time and effort xxx

  5. I still have trouble with the lightning part. I love the light kind of pictures! Got to find how to make it look like natural light :) thanks for the tips!

  6. Andrea Thompson14 July 2014 at 03:40

    Great post, thanks for sharing. I've recently bought a couple of single sheet wrapping paper (one from paper chase the other from card factory) to take my photos on. I have sometimes used frames from a photo editing tool but I'm always unsure if it looks to fussy - would love your feedback please see here I can take constructive criticism honest so please let me know your honest opinion thanks xxx

  7. Thanks for the post! I'm just starting out and using my phone but I'm going to start taking some photos with my digital camera for the blog. I can't afford a DSLR right now but the quality is amazing! xxx

  8. great tips, thanks for sharing!!!! I struggle with taking photos because I know how important they are, so I end up taking about 10 of the same photo just to be sure!!

  9. Thank you for the tips! These are great! I just came across your blog and can't wait to read more. :)

  10. Great tips.... I just purchased a Nikon point and shoot. I wanted something that wouldn't be intimidating. For me this was it. I am very new to blogging. I love to write and I will learn to love taking pictures. My first few posts have terrible pics but they got some really awesome responses. So I figure with a better camera I can really make a splash soon. -

  11. This was such a good beginner's post to photography for blogs, and it's really very informative. What you said about ensuring the background is clutter free is definitely so important, makes a huge difference in the quality of your photos xx

  12. Such a great post! I have the cannon 600d and I never knew how to change the exposure, so thank you! I really need a lesson on how to use my own camera, I usually just photograph in daylight then edit! Love your blog!

    Kirsty x


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