Review; Sleek Lipstick Heartbreaker.


heartbreaker #779
Happy Tuesday all, I hope you're all well! 
I picked up this lipstick a few weeks ago now & I've really been looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you all, feeling a little sorry for myself & with a little cash in my pocket while shopping a few weeks ago I found myself at the benefit & mac counters on the verge of spending all my cash on make-up…when the money I had was to buy clothes for my brothers college graduation. My mom was trying on clothes and I was swatching mac lipsticks & about to spend my last £30 on two lipsticks. I resisted the urge, kept my swatches on and headed towards superdrug. Finding a few similar dupes, however I picked up Sleek's Heartbreaker after noticing how similar to mac's relentlessly red it was. After a few wears I've realised that Sleek's Papaya Punch was probably the closest, and I actually picked the wrong colour, only me! But with my eye on that as my next purchase, I still wanted to share my thoughts on this lipstick anyway. 
Moving on from my 'perfect mac dupe' this has now been named my barbie pink lipstick. 
I've completely fallen in love with lipsticks and a variation of shades lately, so although this is a shade that slightly terrifies me by being such a bright pink, I love wearing it on my girly days when I want to walk tall with a pop of colour on my lips…you get those days, right?
The formula of this lipstick is matte, I've been really keen to try more mattes lately and I'm glad I picked this one up. Even though it's a little drying I've been applying my Lush lip scrub beforehand and is helping to keep my lips a little more moisturised before and after wear. I also find the stay quiet long lasting, keeping my lips even with just a little tint of colour after a few hours of wear. 

Definitely a very mixed review on my part, however although I'm slightly disappointed to realise the colour isn't exactly what I first thought, I'm still happy to have picked it up and think it'll be the perfect colour to use throughout summer. 

Do you own this lip shade or any others from Sleek? 
I'd love some lipstick recommendations! 


  1. wow this is gorgeous, I know its different to what you expect but looks lovely xxxx

  2. Andrea Thompson16 July 2014 at 02:13

    This looks a lovely shade and I really like your photo with the pastel buttons in the background xxx


  3. Hi dear, you have such a nice blog, I hope we can follow each other, and if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN please let me know so I can follow you back.

    Thank you,

  4. That colour is definitely Barbie pink. I do love a bright pink but I don't own one like that. It does look lovely.

    Rachael at

  5. Maisie Gibbons16 July 2014 at 15:38

    It's a lovely colour though! I find that along with lip scrubs, I always apply a moisturising lip balm before bed and also at the start of my make up routine so my lips are a lot softer before applying lipstick :)
    The colour really suits you :3

  6. That's a really pretty colour on you :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  7. jasmine turner16 July 2014 at 21:26

    Such a gorgeous shade, i love sleek products!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  8. Omg, I need that Sleek lipstick! Looks great on you, btw.

    Ali |

  9. I love sleek mystic it's one of my fave ever lipsticks. It's a purple with a pink tinge xx


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