#100HappyDays - Days 31-40.


I've been absolutely terrible with these posts, this is surely a week overdue. The 100 days which I thought would take me no time to complete is taking me so long, either because I've been lazy or I've just been doing anything too exciting which has been worth documenting. 

//day thirty-one// almost over a month ago now, myself and some friends got some t-shirts together and lots of dye and spent an evening tie-dying, it was so much fun getting to be creative with friends and see what colourful creations we could make. My friends made t-shirts & towels for themselves and family members and I made t-shirts for myself and other friend, this is was inspired me to start creating and selling my own designs on little love store, here. 

//day thirty-two// ever had those evenings when nothing goes to plan? Well day 32 was that kind of day, I'd been feeling pretty miserable throughout the day and my evening plans fell through....so I dug out a classic chick flick and had an iced alcoholic drink. At the time it was a lovely summers night, very warm and this was exactly what I needed, also a Cinderella story never gets old and I always love watching it. 

//day thirty-three// after my successful tie-dying I wanted to share with everyone my favourite of the lot. I made around 6 t-shirts that day however by the time I'd given everyone there tshirts I was left with one and this is the one I made sure became mine. I love the pattern and the colour combination, I've worn it so many times since. 

//day thirty-four// isn't my puppy-dog the sweetest ever, this little baby has been in our life for 7 years and honestly class him as my younger brother. Almost every night I'll come home and get cuddles from this little cutey and this weeks it's just been me and him...well and the cat, but he's vicious and hates attention. So I'm sure if I could have a puppy appreciation day everyday I'd make sure I would! 

//day thirty-five// a few weeks ago myself, momma smurph and brother smurph popped to Cornwall for the day, well brother smurph worked at a job trial and myself and momma smurph sat on the beach, I got sun burnt but we ate some amazing fish and chips at Rich Stein's restaurant. 

//day thirty-six// a little throwback on how I used to look, back when I was 18. My newly dyed blonde hair which I loved and I actually kind of miss, I've been so tempted to make an appointment and get my hair looking like this again. 

//day thirty-seven// a good hair and makeup day, obviously means I'll be vain and take a few photos. I have an app called classic booth on my phone which takes photos like a photobooth and I'm just a little obsessed with the app and love to take my pictures with it. 

//day thirty-eight// my friend charlotte has been in training for the army recently, for a couple of months now and a few weeks ago she came home for a little break just before her birthday. Charlottes one of my closest friends who knows how much I love my photos and happily sits next to me looking pretty, specially before nights out. We went out to celebrate her birthday, in a cheesy night club, which we always enjoy. 

//day thirty-nine// with sims 4 coming out soon, myself and Tom decided to dig out sims 3 are bring back our love for the game before the new one comes out. We've not been able to play so much lately, but we've build a lovely big house, with our own separate rooms (of course I made myself a blogging office), got our sims jobs, mine has become a professional blogger recently which is kind of exciting and our sims may even be having a baby soon which is also exciting, 

// day forty // ive been watching bubz beauty for years now, possibly one of the first youtubers it found and recently she uploaded a simple nail art tutorial...I'm terrible when it comes to my nails, varnish doesn't stay on my nails for for very long so doing nail art is something a little silly for me to attempt but I found this was so adorable I had to give it a try...although it last on my nails a few days longer than normal and maybe sometime soon I'll attempt this again but with different colours. 

This post has been a long time coming & I've been putting of posting on instagram purely because I hadn't completed this post, but days 41-50 should be coming onto my blog very soon and although it's been a slow process of doing this 100 happy days, it's weird to think I'm half way through now. Which should give me the excuse to keep posting.


  1. I love seeing peoples photos of this tag! I keep meaning to start it but I know how inconsistent I can be at times with photo taking! Maybe I should just stop putting it off and dive right in!

    I've also got a craving to go play Sims 3!

    Sarah :)

    Saloca in

  2. A lovely post! You have made me want to play the sims REALLY bad now :p

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. I know what you mean! When I was doing the 100 happy days challenge, there would be days when I wouldn't want to put up a post because I just didn't have anything worth broadcasting but trust me when you finish it's amazing to look back and see what those 100 days consisted of. It's rough but you'll get through it! Congrats on making it to the half way point! I'm excited to see where you go from here!
    The Hopelessly Optimisitc

  4. The tie dying is so much fun! I actually need to get round to making some again as they turn out awesome, and nothing beats a nice film and cold drink xxx

  5. lovely post :)



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