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I did a bad thing last week and went shopping for makeup...I then did a bad thing yesterday and bought a few more pieces which I'll be making another post on soon. Someone may need take my debit card off me soon and delete my paypal account, oops!? 
Makeup revolution has recently started making its way into superdrug stores over the UK and recently it's arrived in my local shopping center, so myself and a friend headed to the shops to check out what's in stock, after keeping an eye online for months now I was a little disappointed as the store didn't have most of the things I wanted to pick up but that didn't really stop me! This resulted in purchases from makeup revolution, collection and sleek. 
So this is a little short haul of what I picked up and my first impressions as I want to write separate reviews on each item soon. 
For a while now I've been wanted to get my head round how to properly use highlighter and blush, so for only a few pounds I picked these up, the highlighter was £2/3 ad the blush was only £1(I think), good prices for a beginner! I went for much subtle tones with them both and honestly, so far, so good!? 
The blush is a pink/rosy tone, a very subtle tone and works well with my own skin tone. I'm still getting the hang of the best way to apply this to look just right. Isn't too much colour yet adds a little definition to my cheeks which is pretty great to me! 
The highlighter, I'm struggling with a little more...I started with no idea how to use this (I'm seriously the worst beauty blogger) but I'm slowly figuring out the best place on my cheeks to apply this to work well with the blush. The colour is very white toned and shimmery, which again is something I'm struggling to get used to as well, but once my makeup is complete with the highlighter and blush I find that the combination works well for me.   
Did you read my lipstick collection? A small collection which since has grown a little more, this time I picked up 4 lipsticks all in similar shades, pinky/coral & a nude shade. Again I want to write more about these in individual posts but ever since purchasing these I've been trying to wear them at every chance. 
'Vintage Rose' from collection for £2.99 has been my favourite purchase in this haul! I've honestly worn this lipstick the most, a darker nude, the best way I think I can describe it…it reminds me of coffee? I've not been one for nudes until recently, nor have I been one for brown toned lipsticks...and this is exactly that and I'm totally in love, definitely the perfect shade to recreate the much popular 90s makeup style that everyone's wearing at the moment.  
After my first successful purchase with makeup revolutions lipsticks (post, here) I popped into the store and picked up two more, the pink shade 'Beloved' which is a barbie kind of pink and the coral 'Divine' a matte shade but sadly I'm really disappointed with both these shades. As matte tones they're very drying, my lips end up feeling and looking cracked while I don't actually feel I get enough colour on my lips after applying them for ages.
And my final purchase being from sleek, if you read my post a few weeks ago I purchased heartbreaker from sleek which turned out to be a shade I can't pull off. When I swatched it the first time I also switched this one, I just didn't make the purchase so after much regret I picked up 'Papaya Punch' this time. The shade is very much close to '----' but this I love much more, a brighter coral shade and while being matte it's much less drying, and the colour appears on my lips. 

Overall I've been really excited by this shopping trip and I've been really exciting to share these with you all, while I'm slightly disappointed with some items I'm still extremely happy with this shopping trip. My makeup wish list has become never ending lately, and once I make one purchase I'm ready to make my shopping may becoming out of hand, oops!?
If there's a particular items you'd like me to review in full please let me know and I'll make sure I get writing those soon.


  1. I'm yet to try the lipsticks from here (which is amazing as I'm a lippy lover!) but I really want to try them.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. So many pretty items! Super jealous!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. I really want the highlighter it looks stunning, definitely a bargain too xxx

  4. The lipstick shades are really pretty! Shame we don't have this brand.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  5. sprinklesofstyle31 August 2014 at 22:51

    I still haven't tried anything from Makeup Revolution but everything looks lovely, the colours look beautiful and for the prices - it's all a bargain! :)

    Layla xx

  6. You should give them a try! If you want to see more choices of colours, have a read of my last makeup rev post as I loved so many of those I bought!

    -sarah xo

  7. Aren't they! I'm enjoying putting my makeup on with more choices of lipstick colours now hehe

    -sarah xo

  8. I definitely recommend it :) I may pick up a few different ones just because I can afford them hehe

    -sarah xo

  9. Aren't they just! Can't you get them online?

    -sarah xo


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