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Hi all, it seems like forever since I last sat down and finally completed a blog post to publish, and honestly I didn't think I'd manage it today either but I'm trying my best, so bare with me, I'll be back on track soon. I mentioned a few posts ago how I was busy at the moment trying to sort out a little project I've been working on and I can now happily share it with you! 
I've always been into creating & making my own things & for the last few years I've been making tie-dye t-shirts and been creating my own jewellery and fixing any items that I've brought that have broke, so after little persuasion I decided to make pieces for others to purchase & these are a few of my personal favourites. It's only been a few days since I uploaded these are already I have so many more ideas and combinations I want to try (for both the jewellery & t-shirts), so this is a small update on my life, a little self promotion and I was quiet excited to share some of my personal favourites of what I've made. I named the shop 'Little Love', because well I found it cute and I wanted to combine a memorable and cute name with something that relates to me…and that's where the little comes in, being a shorty I'm always referred to as little so it seems pretty obvious really.

 Though at the moment I'm only selling to people in the UK as I'm still getting used to shipping prices and everything, but here it is Little Love - store…have a nose, favourite the ones you like most so I know for future reference & please share with friends.
Thanks so much for all the support & help from those who have known & seen my little panics during the process especially on twitter and thanks to those who make any purchases in the future, lots of love.


  1. It looks AMAZING I love the jewellery pieces, I will go check it out hun xx


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