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Kimono - New Look 
Skort - Primark 
Vest Top - Primark 
Necklace - Handmade by me (available in shop soon)
Ring - Handmade by me (available in shop soon)

With summer in full swing at the moment, part of me loves the chance to get out in the sun and tan myself, while the other part of me cries at the thought of finding an outfit. As much as I love the summer season, I think I'm a winter girl through and through…mainly because my wardrobes filled with clothes ready for the colder months rather than the hotter ones, typical for a british girl!

Lately I have been keeping an eye out in stores for more summer clothes, picking up this skort from primark for £5, as it's high waisted and nicely hides unflattering areas, however I've been struggling to find the perfect top/blouse/t-shirt with the skort (which I think is because it's light demin), but I felt extremely brave wearing only vest top without wearing something over the top! I tend to pair vest tops with chiffon blouses, lower cut tops...mainly for comfort! I've also been finding something to pair my Kimono with too, I actually only bought it for one outfit and now I have no other clothing to wear it with…I'm really bad at this summer fashion thing, can you tell? I felt perfectly summery, while completely comfortable with this outfit which means one thing, I must share it on my blog!
Along with my outfit I wanted the chance to share some of my jewellery I've been making over the last few months, a little advertisement of myself before popping these products and a few other things online…so if you've be interested in other products similar to this or even have an ideas of what you'd like to see, please let me know I need all the feedback/encouragement before popping things online. 
I then completed this outfit with a little something to my hair, I tend to pin my hair back most days of the week lately and while this was a day I was going out in public, I want to make the effort…so instead of my usual hairstyle I put my hair in little plaits and pinned it back to hold my hair in place, plaits are perfect for summer if you ask me! 


  1. Love this outfit! If I see that skort I think I'll definitely be picking it up, it looks gorgeous on you. Your jewellery looks great too, I love the bird charm. I used to make my own jewellery ages ago too but haven't made anything in a long time x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. I love the detailing- such a gorgeous ring and necklace looks lovely. Always about accessorising xxx


  3. Thank you! It's now my favourite summer clothing!
    Thank you! I'm just doing my last few touches to putting the jewellery online to sell…finally! haha

    -sarah xo

  4. Thank you so much :) I'm terrible at accessorising normally, but I'm really trying to add a little more detail lately!

    -sarah xo


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