Some Secrets Behind 'Time To See The Stars'


Slightly inspired by Rebecca's '30 Truths on Blogging', I thought I'd give a little insight to my secrets behind my blog. Lately I've been struggling to find the time to sit down and properly blog, but in all honesty I seem to have all the time in the world at the moment…realistically I have no inspiration, no money to purchase new products to review and I've spent at least two weeks in baggy clothes and zero make-up. I've just completed a degree & I'm taking this time to be a slob…while working on side projects and job applications, but some of you may understand the graduate life or even the unemployed life? I guess this is just a little list of the things I do to inspire me, the reasons behind posts…or the lack of and just some insight to mine and my blogs life, enjoy… 

1. I can't remember what originally inspired me to start my blog 
2. Photography is one of my passions and that's almost half the reason I'm still writing a blog today.
3. Though sometimes my minds wonders whether I should pack up this little hobby, and press delete. 
4. Compared to other 'beauty' bloggers, I probably own the least amount of make-up.
5. I understand nothing when it comes to my skin care!
6. I can spend hours on just one post, days and sometimes it's even taken me weeks before I hit publish. 
7. I have plenty of started and unfinished or unwritten posts sat in my drafts…every couple of weeks I'll end up deleting a handful of posts I was once excited to write. 
8. Sometimes I'll scroll through twitter, facebook and instagram, watch a few youtube videos in between writing posts.
9. From time to time I even like to write out my post before using my keyboard. 
10. Sometimes I enjoy taking photos of myself, whether they're for my blog or to upload to social networks, but sometimes I'll cower away from the camera…once I'm around another person, unless they know me enough to know sometimes I love the camera, then I'll be completely camera shy.
11. I envy those who take the perfect photos for their lifestyle or outfit posts, I honestly wish I had the guts to take photos in the middle of a cute little shop/ restaurant and go out-side and ask family member or friend to take pictures of me for my blog..I just stick to photographs in my room for now!
12. I can't always afford to buy the products that everyone else recommends, and right now even though we're only just into August, I've actually started my christmas list!
13. I've never worked with a company or reviewed a PR sample product, sometimes I'm not bothered and I'm happy to review the products I've paid for and other times I become a little jealous and want to do reviews like everyone else.
14. Saying that I recently applied for a pr company to work with brands, now I'm signed up I have no idea how to use the site!
15. I have no idea about SEO, my traffic or properly getting my blog out there, I've tried google analytics a few times and every time I get confused…I'll just stick to blogger views & promoting myself through twitter for now.
16. Sometimes I just don't feel like blogging, I'm sure every one feels the same way from time to time. I've never really put pressure on myself to write, my posts never feel the same when I know I've been lazy with my content.
17. Most of the time,  I'll think up an amazing idea and almost everytime forget to jot it down and every time forget what I wanted to write
18.  My favourite part of my blog is the beautiful people I've spoken to because of it! It's true what they say about the blogging community, everyone's friendly, easy to talk to and through times of need, help pick you up and support you. Even though I've lost contact with some of those who first welcomed me to the community through twitter, I've enjoyed every single minute of getting to know new people…now I wish I could meet them all!

What's some of your secrets?


  1. I admire the honesty of this post & it actually makes me feel A LOT better about the things I am in agreeance with you!! Thanks for sharing xxx

  2. Love this post! And I might have to pinch this idea ;)!
    I 100% agree with number 18 though! The community behind blogging is amazing :D

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. Thank you! I'm glad to hear you agree, I wasn't too sure what way this post would go.

    -sarah xo

  4. Thank you :) Do it! I'd love to hear other peoples secrets hehe.
    Definitely I'm so glad I feel involved in the community :))

    -sarah xo


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